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Introducing the All-City X Fulton Brewery Cyclocross Racing Team

I'm proud to let you know that we have partnered with local good guys Fulton Brewery on a Minneapolis based cross team for the upcoming 2014 season. 

Why?  Well, cyclocross is important to us and we wanted to support our local scene by forming a team to contest the races, and have a formal presence.  Personally, Andy Lambert, Hurl and myself have been kicking around forming a team for over a year now, but it was a daunting task, and would require someone to put in a lot of time managing it.  None of us were ready to sacrifice a large chunk of our personal life to do it, so it remained a pipe dream until Fulton stepped up and starting pushing to make it happen. 

Then it hit me, let's make it an All-City team, and that way I can use some of my work week to manage the team operations. Fulton and All-City are a great fit values wise as both organizations just want to have good people getting out there and representing, rather than giving a shit about winning.  To that end the team will have a heavy community service vibe to it. 

The idea snowballed from there, and we have picked up some additional sponsors and stocked our roster with rad dudes and dudettes.  We have a few very fast folks, but most of us are Cat 4 shlubs who just want to have fun and be surrounded by people who will motivate us to ride and race more.  While we plan on racing hard, the main thing for us and all our sponsors is just to be good people (we'll be bringing beer to the races whenever the promoters let us), and lend a hand to other racers whenever possible. 

This means: you are always welcome in our tents (we will have a Fulton, All-City, and Whisky tent to form a veritable tent city), we will be bringing a neutral support mechanic to help you out, our team rider Matt Leizenger will be putting on a series of Cross clinics throughout the fall in partnership with local shops,  and we will often have demo bikes and other products for you to check out and try.  It is our goal to be hub of sweetness at every event we attend.

The team is set at 18 racers for this year (we're full up, sorry), and we are beyond stoked on the kit designs that Ryan from Twin Six cooked up. 

Check it out:


and we are doing a very small run of team edition Nature Boy Zona's as well

We plan to start our weekly group rides from the brewery this April, and the community is welcomed to join us of course. 

In case you're wondering, here is the sponsor list, a veritable who's who of sweet ass MPLS companies.  We've got world famous One on One bike studio as our shop sponsor, Twin Six on the design and kit production, Whisky Parts Co is hooking us up with painted to match custom carbon forks, and Cars R Coffins and Bike Jerks are there to lend the team some street cred and buffoonery respectively. 

2014 All-City X Fulton Sponsors
Fulton Brewery
One on One
Twin Six
Cars R Coffins
Bike Jerks

Huge thanks to everyone who has joined the team, the sponsors who are making this possible, and the MPLS racing community. 

Follow along with us on Facebook to get team info, results, and find out  where and when we're riding

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t s

March 8, 2013

For future reference, how does one get onto the team? I know you are “full up” but how did you go about picking those individuals that were worthy of such sponsorship? If I beat one of your racers can I take their place? There are a lot of “fast folks” out there looking for a team. Folks that work in the bike industry. Folks that could tune the shit out of the race machines. Hey, that reminds me. Looking for a team mechanic?

Adam Brunner

March 9, 2013

Dig what you guys are about. keep me in the know.


August 14, 2013

How do i get my dirty mits on one of them there pretty bikes?

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