Last modified: March 10, 2011

Introducing Mr. Pink

The big shakes at Frostbike in the AC booth besides the NB Zona was the showing of our first geared bike the Mr. Pink.  Now before you get all hot and bothered let me be straight with you that this bike exists only as a first gen proto at the moment and you should know that some of the details may change as we go through the testing phases of the project.  We do plan on going to production with it, but it's a ways out.  We're hoping to see them in September for framesets with completes to follow a few months later. 

The All-City Mr. Pink

The Mr. Pink has been a long time coming as it was always our wish to do a road bike at some point, but we knew that we needed to get the brand going and established before we blew everybody's mind by being a stupid fixed gear company with the best road bike on the market.  The idea behind this bike is that no one out there is doing a high end steel frameset anymore.  Oh, you can still get a full steel frameset but chances are the tubing is nothing special, and you can still get an 853 frame but it comes with a carbon fork and that has never sat right with us. 

In our minds when you buy a nice steel road frame you're saying "I've got that road bike thing taken care of for the next 15 years." Why would you buy a forever frame that comes with a fork with an expiration date of 5 years?  It's bullshit.  The proper way to do it is to make a beautiful steel frame with a matching fork, and if you're concerned about weight make the fork swappable with all of the aftermarket carbon forks out there.  So we did it.  Voila, the Mr. Pink. 

Not only is it made from archival quality tubing, Columbus Zona, but because we're sensible and like to ride our bikes everywhere and on all kinds of surfaces it's got clearance for 35c tires, has hidden fender mounts, and a pump peg.  And since we're not luddites we're also building it with a Press Fit 30 Bottom Bracket, which allows for a stiffer pedaling platform and overall lighter build, and is backwards compatible through the use of adapators with most cranksets in circulation.  It's got classic steel roadbike touches mixed with modern technology, and the ride quality you've come to expect from a bike wearing the All-City badge.


Let's walk through some of the details:

Flat crown fork with 52mm of clearance, fork ends match crown detail

Mid Reach brake to allow for larger tires

PF 30 Bottom Bracket shell

Internal top tube cable routing

Hidden fender mounts

Now as I said, some of the details might change as we go through testing, but we're unbelievably excited to bring Mr. Pink to market and can't wait for you to be able to get your hands on one.  We think it's going to be the best production steel roadbike going, it's got the sharp handling you'd expect from an AC, ample tire clearance because roads aren't getting any better and gravel is fun as hell to ride, light weight (4.5lbs frame), and the attention to detail that we're known for.  The build you see here came in at under 20lbs and we're thinking about using Sram's excellent Apex group as the basis for our complete.  More information over the coming months as we get ready to unleash this beast on the world.



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