Last modified: February 20, 2013

Frostbike Teaser: New Frame Detail

Some of you may know that it's our parent company's annual tradeshow this weekend, Frostbike, and the launch of our 2014 Cross lineup.  This is the first time the public will get to see our new complete Nature Boy Zona, the new color scheme of said Zona (though if you've been paying attention to our Facebook page, you already know that one), the new spec and color for the 612 Select Nature Boy, and of course our new new, which we're not telling just yet.

What we are happy to let you in on is an additional frame detail that we're bringing out: a cnc'd custom bottom bracket shell.

custom BB shell on our new prototype

Last summer I shot photos of my buddy Matt's lugged steel Bianchi cross bike, and one of the details that really stood out to me was the branding on the BB.
*the Bianchi actually was a mixed construction as you can see by the BB shell, the head and seatube were lugged, the BB shell welded due to the shaped tubing
the inspiration

It was a common look back in the day and I currently own a few 80's Trek's that have similar markings. It's a detail that's been lost to time though as modern bicycle companies rarely sweat such details on their steel. It adds cost to the build, and the theory goes that most people just don't care.

For us though, it's one more thing that makes our bikes standout from the crowd, and we've made our reputation putting effort into details that other's simply overlook. From internal routing, to E.D. coating, to custom dropouts, we believe that while a large chunk of the bike buying public may be oblivious to these things, bringing thoughtfulness back into production steel is our bread and butter.

It's certainly fine by us if you buy one of our bikes and never give the frame detailing another thought beyond "it's pretty," but it is our hope that you'll constantly discover new things you love about your All-City and come to appreciate the small details that went into it's construction.

As for the orange bike, you'll have to wait until this weekend to catch a glimpse of the newest edition to our bike family.

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February 20, 2013

“lugged steel Bianchi”  That Bianchi frame picture is not a lugged frame is it? I don’t see the lugs and believe it’s a brazed frame and without lugs.


February 20, 2013

Good catch, yes the photo is of a tig welded BB. Frame was actually a multiple construction method job with a lugged headtube and welded BB.


February 20, 2013

is that cable routing to a rear disc brake i see?


February 21, 2013

I want a Nature Boy even more now! Think I can swing spending student loans on a frameset?

Doug M.

February 24, 2013

looks cool!

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