Last modified: April 17, 2013

Customer Builds

This morning’s ride into work was one icy mother. My second fall left me cussing for spring and longing for late night adventure rides, grassy beer stops and bike camping getaways. So this afternoon I dug into the ole mail box to flip through some customer photos of those gloriously sunny days gone by. Come on spring…

AC IMG_20121203_071621

Tim James' Horse all decked out for a 200K get away

AC MrPink4

Nick Wood, Portland- What a classy beaut. There's gotta be beers in there, right?

AC Smiles

Greg W. send us over a photo of his lady. She's got the right idea.


Saja in LA


Kurt in Raleigh, NC

Man, I'm so ready for all of this. Next week I'll be taking a little get away from my desk, so my email responses may be creeping back to you a little slower than usual. My apologies. You can rest assured I'll be riding my bike enjoying some fine beverages thinking about you.  Keep those photos coming.


See you lovelies next Monday,


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