Last modified: June 10, 2009

Big Block Generation 2 Prototypes and MSRP

On Monday the second generation Big Block Proto's showed up at the AC offices. The only changes between the first and second generations are slightly more standover clearance and the inclusion of the production version of our signature dropout.  We still have to do some more riding to validate each size, but for the most part you are looking at the production version.

That's Adam, the bikes designer with his Quality Control face on

First let's chat about the new dropouts. The production dropout is investment cast from stainless steel, features a refined version of the bridge design, an integrated chain tensioner, and an extra cutout near the chainstay junction.

Original                                                                Production

painted with chain tensioner screw/bolt (I have no idea which is the proper term) installed

And just to put to bed any arguments from armchair engineers out there.  These dropouts are 7.5mm thick at the axle pad and 5.5mm thick throughout the rest, they are plenty strong and we have so much confidence in them that you will be seeing them again on the forthcoming freestyle frame.

On the second round of proto's we decided to try out a few different paint schemes

52cm deep red sparkle with white tips

my personal bike: 55cm all white with a heavy sparkle.  I wanted something NJSish

All-City Headbadge

new brake bridge

Lisa's (boss lady, brand manager) lovely 49cm white with black tips

Here are some pics of the builds so far:

The red with white tips is the frameset colorway that we will be offering on the complete bike.  The aftermarket framesets will be black with white tips, like my original AC frameset.  I built this bike with as close to the OEM spec of our complete as I could so that I could present to you a sneak peek of the complete bike.  I will post a more detailed description of the complete bike at a later date, but this is pretty close to how it'll look on your local bike shop's floor.

Peep that sparkle when the sun hits it.  It's been overcast here for the past three days, so this afternoon when the sun was out for about 10 minutes I ran outside and snapped this:

This is my white sparkle frameset built up with the show parts from my beloved first gen bike

So let's recap, shall we?

Frameset Color 
Complete Bike Color

Now the kicker:  MSRP on the frameset is $499

Full High Quality 4130 CroMo, double butted main triangle, tapered stays, externally tapered seat tube, 4130 fork blades, lugged fork crown, cast fork dropout, signature track ends, and a custom head badge.  I have no problem hopping on my soapbox and stating: there is no nicer track frame on the market at anywhere near this price.  You could spend alot more on your next frame, but why would you?

Ride one and see for yourself.  All-City has just raised the bar.  Boom, done. I'm out of here. Talk amongst yourselves.

Coming November 09

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