Beautiful Night Moves.

Beautiful Night Moves.

   Last modified: November 17, 2014

Beautiful Night Moves.

Last Friday, Jeff treated us to a Bandit Cross: Night Moves race in the Minnehaha dog park. 

What I appreciated about last Friday (and local Night Cross races also) aside from the absolutely perfect weather was that the crowd was local.  Don’t get me wrong… I love out of town guests.  We roll out The Good Party when you all visit, we do.  But it’s been an extremely guest-heavy summer and it was nice to hang with Minneapolis’ Finest in the middle of the woods during the brief lull between All-City Championships and NACCCs (which starts tomorrow… oh god it starts tomorrow).

We met at 10pm in the middle of the woods.  There was a fire.  There was a race.  There were spectacular hangs with people I couldn’t recognize in the dark.  And then there was some completely fun night swimming.

I love everyone.  You’re all diamonds.

Well, maybe not David.


We did have some infiltrators from the outside.  These Aussies, for example.


Big smiles.


Tiana is a dinosaur.


My All-City Low Pro backpack doing what it does... which is hold koozies.


Natalia is charming, as always.


The drama!



And they're off!


Holly (a new favorite), The Perpetually Injured Spanish, and Ben


Tiana is tolerant.


Oh Lilah.


It's like having my own personal Koochella Andrew W.K.


Lilah brought the hand-ups.  Because she's A Professional.


Lilah, tired of hand-up rejection, began shoving cookies in faces.  Poor Leigh.







The End.

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