Last modified: August 17, 2009

All-City Dropout

Up until now I've only been able to allude to the fact that we've had a freestyle fixed gear in the works for the last year or so.  Today I'm proud to announce its official existance to the world.  
The time for some disclosure is finally upon us, and while I can't reveal much (it is still in prototype stage) I am happy to share some screen shots and other info.

*Since this is a first gen prototype, AC reserves the right to change anything and everything as we see fit*

Introducing the All-City Dropout freestyle fixed gear frameset

Headtube: 1 1/8 integrated headset
Tubeset:  Full 4130 Double Butted Cromoly
Brakes:  990's

Fork: 400mm ATC unicrown construction (the fork should be available sooner than the frameset)
Tire Clearance: 40c's (easy)

Dropouts: All-City signature cast from Cromo instead of stainless. The Cromoly gives greater axle bite and less wheel slippage.
Rear spacing: 120mm

We're expecting the first proto's later this month and will begin ride testing immediately.  The AC riders (Sam Miller, Mike Carney, Jesse Hilliard, and myself) will be providing the critical feedback as we beat the heck out of these things to see what's golden and what needs further refinement.  I'll have full pics of the frames and builds as they happen, and if you're going to Interbike stop by the booth for a first hand look. 

Please forgive the lack of geometry and other specs, but due to recent incidents (you know what I'm talking about) we feel that it's prudent to keep a tight lid on that information until the bike is finished.  Suffice it to say that we will be bringing you some very innovative (at least in our opinion) ideas that will create a stronger, lighter, and better handling frameset.    I think we've come up with some great numbers (between headtube angle, top tube length, toe overlap, and barspin toe overlap), and I am unbelievably excited to finally get to ride one after spending so many months worrying about geo's and such. 

And just in case any of you out there are jumping out of you skin, yelling "Bandwagon!" (the internet has no shortage of pundits) know that from the very beginning it was always our plan that our second bike would be a fixed freestyler.  The reason being: I do stupid tricks on my bike nearly everyday (I have the embarrassing you tube videos to prove it: C'mon it was 2006, cut me some slack (and I didn't pick the song)) and the only reason we do anything is because we're passionate about it and feel that innovation and progression of machine is possible.  I love riding fixed freestyle and believe that the Dropout has alot to offer a rider.

I'll keep you informed as things happen

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