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Anna Writes A Bio

I’ve been kicking around All-City for three years and some months now.  Jeff wrote my initial profile for the website:

Yeah, Anna Schwinn.
She's a native 'Sconnie, races track, runs her mouth, loves beer and karaoke.

It was succinct and insightful… it pretty much said what needed to be said. 

Recently, though, it was brought to my attention that people may not know what I do around here.  And that I should talk about that stuff.  In my profile.  Like A Professional.

The new profile is posted, but I added more background here because, well, we’re all friends.  You might be interested.  Or not.  Whatever.  Look at this as the director’s cut.

Here goes.

I’m the Lead Engineer for All-City. 

I’m also the only Engineer for All-City.  So that’s fun.


I grew up with family in the industry.  This meant that I spent a lot of time sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, dumping out pop cans full of chew, scrubbing and preparing bikes for paint, and cutting tubes at the factory my parents worked at.  I had a lot of exposure to the process of frame building.  I spent hours digging through boxes of investment cast lugs and tubes of paint color and effect samples after quitting time.

I also had a lot of exposure to historically significant and interesting bikes as a little person (my first personal fast bike was a Phydeaux).  I went to a lot of bike races.  I loved bike industry trade shows… and trick or treated CABDA one year because it fell over Halloween. 

My formal education is in Mechanical Engineering.  In my nearly six years in the bike industry I have designed frames, frame parts, and components (drive-train and cockpit) in carbon, aluminum, and steel for Tri, TT, Road, Track, Cyclocross, and Mountain.  In addition to my work with All-City, I’ve designed product for Whisky Parts Co., Zipp Speed Weaponry, Foundry Cycles, and Civia Cycles.  I get around.

I’ve been with All-City since December, 2010.  I design the parts and frameparts (dropouts, seat collar, etc) and frames you see here.  I sketch them up.  I model them.  I do the math.  I make sure they work.  I make sure they’re pretty.  I figure out how to test and evaluate them… and then test and evaluate them.  And then, after everything goes into the world and people ride them, I figure out how to improve them or put them to bed for something better.

And sometimes I blog about that process.

I dig designing for All-City because I feel like we have our priorities straight.  While we draw a lot from tradition, tradition doesn’t limit us in terms of how we define or approach product.  Each bike is designed to serve our rider, not to serve a category with some pre-conceived notion of what a certain type of bike should be.  We invest in the details that I personally nerd-out on.  We invest in solving problems in the way we feel is most appropriate. 

Everything has to be clever.  Everything has to be beautiful. 

I love the products we bring to market because they are the products that I genuinely want for myself and for my friends. 

While I love screwing around on trails, I get my kicks bombing around on pavement and at the track.  My major extracurricular activities these days revolve around getting together a women’s track team, Koochella, and growing the women’s field at the NSC Velodrome.  I love watching bike races. 

I’m a native ‘Sconnie.  I race track, run my mouth. I love beer and karaoke.

The End.


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