Anna Signing Off

Anna Signing Off

   Last modified: November 7, 2014

Anna Signing Off

Today we have the heartbreak of saying goodbye to one of our own, and the pleasure of wishing her well on her future endeavors. Today we say happy trails to our dear friend and colleague, Anna Schwinn.

Here is her farewell message to you: 


When I started at All-City four years ago, the brand was a cheeky little single speed brand. I was stoked on the product and the market it served and was super excited for the potential of everything about it.

I am always going to be thankful for the opportunity to work with Saisha, a rockstar artist and my better creative half. And I will miss working next to Jeff, one of the most passionate guys I know.

I'm leaving the brand having designed and brought to fruition a lot of product that I'm extremely proud of. No gimmicks. Just really good stuff.

The bikes and components for this coming year are buttoned up. Design is done. Drawings are signed. They are, as it always is with any new product, the most exciting work I've done.

Pretty and clever and fun.

I know you'll love everything.

I'll be around. Don't worry about it. Hit me up, I'm easy enough to find for a beer or karaoke or bike stuff.

You're all diamonds. Stay dry.




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Anthony Davis

November 7, 2014


Totally stoked for you and whatever you do!

I hope all is well!



November 7, 2014

While working at a repetitious task during my workday today, my mind wandered to bikes.  And that in and of itself is is not unusual at all - a common thing for all who read this blog, i am sure.  But for some reason, the thing that was rolling around in my head today was the dropout that Anna designed earlier this year - or was it last year - and that she so eloquently explained throughout the design cycle.  And so I decided to take a break from my menial task to check in to see what she’d been up to lately (I am not a daily reader here.)  Lo and behold, a final missive.  Cheers Anna.  I hope we soon see “A. Schwinn” emblazoned on your own make of bikes sooner rather than later.  Signed, A Fan.

Meng Mao

November 11, 2014

Thank you for your design walkthroughs. The series on the Nature Boy Disc dropout was so educational and delightful.


November 13, 2014

Thank you! Woooooo!

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