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Anna Blogs Jingle Cross Episode Three:  Revenge of the ‘Crossith

Oh Sunday.


It had stormed on Saturday night.  Ground conditions were tacky.  

Matt at the Foundry tent was killing it in the chili department.  




I was walking around practically giddy between the amazing final day course, the amazing riding, and the prospect of bringing the “RADICAL” hat to a fitting end. 

I positioned myself at the top of the run up to Mt. Krumpit and cheered my face off  No pictures do this climb justice… it was so miserable that I couldn’t even heckle.

The 2’s/3’s race was positively star studded.  Here you can see Matt of Cat 3 Cross Pro Meme fame (one of the more collaborative efforts we’ve ever had at All-City Cycles) trotting up the hill as effortlessly as a gazelle. 


Note the beams of sunshine. 


The glimmer of sunlight reflecting off his helmet.  His luscious locks.


Then, minutes later, this misery happened (note the rainbow):







The elite women’s and men’s races were awesome.  Professionals took some pictures/commentary of those and put them on websites you can easily find.  I was too busy cheering to take pictures of that stuff. 

As I descended Mt. Krumpit, I ran into a lamenting Craig Etheridge. 



You see, Erin had managed to cleverly hide his hat all day (I blame Kesha for warning him).  There was no opportunity to steal it/end it.

When I returned to the van, I shared with Erin this tragedy.  All we had wanted to do was to douse the hat in gas station Courvoisier, put it on Craig’s head, and set it on fire.  Erin was making Craig sad.  How could Erin?

Erin:  “Fine.  You can do it.  But only because I love Craig.  And only if I get to light it.”

20131117_173444 The End

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