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We got new hats!!!

We got new hats!!!


We got new hats!!!

We did the craziest thing imaginable and ordered some hats in new colors and w/ updated graphics. Wild right? Is your mind blown? Do you need to take some time to recover from the shock? No worries. Catch your breath. We'll be here when you're ready.


Ok, you're back. Cool, sure you're ok? Great. Allright, let's do this.

Sometimes Saisha does whatever the heck she feels like. This is one of those times. And she was feeling pretty pastelly (that's not a word, but everything is going to be fine), and cranked out three awesome variations on a few of our time tested Italian made classics.

*Sorry for the lack of imagination in the images, but you can only do so much when you have three caps to shoot and zero models.

So what has she wrought forth?

Well you're getting a Hennepin Bridge Cap in a lovely lavenderIMG_5551

The return of the “Nice” cap in hott pink. (yeah, two t's)IMG_5564

And an update to the Shield cap in Teal and with a change up in font on the brim to our “Cutters” jam instead of the previous cursive script. IMG_5527

All in stock now and ready for you to run to your local AC dealer and demand that they procure one for you.


P.S. Cycling caps make totally sweet gifts!

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