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It's summer in the good ol' MPLS, one of the best times of year to explore those hidden back-alley, under-bridge, over-fence destinations. It's true that our little city has some of the most gorgeous places to park your ride, crack a cold one and marvel at both natural and man-made creations. Check my homie, Mike Scott's (@84ability), super sweet photography featuring some of MPLS's quintessential destinations. I threw in some winter pics to cool you off and remind y'all that these days are few and precious. Get out there. #savesummer


White Sands Beach - This seems to be the new “Hidden Beach”, for better or worse…


River Bottoms - Beer break during some great CX riding. #wicked_flip


Dinkytown pedestrian bridge near Wilkins Hall - The skyline and a rail yard, a winning combination.

15a 15b

Bridge #9 on the Dinkytown Greenway - This used to be a fun spot until they installed cameras…


Hennepin Avenue Bridge - from the shoreline next to the Fed building. Under-appreciated whiskey break spot.


Martin Olav Sabo Bridge - January - when only the cool kids are out.


Cedar Lake Trail under I-394 - A little shortcut through the adjacent park to some of those Bryn Mawr Stupor Bowl stops.


Fort Snelling State Park - I always stop at the overlook here when rolling to or from Saint Paul.

For more of Mike's photos - follow him @84ability on Instagram/Tumblr

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