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Meet Nick, our new Product Manager

Meet Nick, our new Product Manager


Meet Nick, our new Product Manager

Hey folks, take a minute to get to know the newest member of our team member, New Jersey transplant Nick Paglia. Nick is sliding into the Product Manager role, taking over for Amy who's leaving us for the bright lights of our sister brand Surly. We're all real excited about his coming on board because he just plain “gets it.” If you you know what I mean…

Here's his self written bio:

A second East Coast transplant here, this time from New Jersey. I’ve spent nearly my entire life in the “Garden State” and, despite what you may think NJ is like, (probably based on several popular TV shows or a visit to our International airport) it’s a great place to live and ride bikes. Let’s keep that our little secret.

I grew up in a small suburban town about 40 minutes west of NYC, filled with narrow roads, acres of protected woodlands, and an amazing lake. As the oldest child of two hard-working parents, my BMX bike was a main source of transportation and my means to day camp, visit the local pizzeria, dirt jumps, and the summer swimming spot. BMX bikes lead to mountain bikes and adventures beyond my town, but priorities eventually shifted and I stopped riding altogether.

I spent the next decade chasing a career in Information Technology and Human Resources while going back to school to earn my B.S. in Business Administration. I was sitting in a cubicle, overweight and stressed, climbing the corporate ladder, chasing what I imagined success to be. I was making a great living, but was not living great. It was during that period I made a promise to myself to “get back to basics” and rediscover the core things I truly enjoyed.

I took welding and fabrication classes, picked up a photography habit, re-kindled my love for cars by building two older VWs, and finally started riding my bike again. It was my reignited passion for cycling that lead me into working part-time at my local bike shop, where I’d eventually pursue a full-on career in the cycling industry. I’ve spent the last three years as the General Manager of one of the biggest and well-established shops in New Jersey, interacting with some of the greatest people on the planet. During that time I’ve raced XC & Endurance events on a mountain bike, participated in Cyclocross shenanigans, did a 5-day self-supported bike tour from Seattle to Portland (#boyzonthehoods) and rode the length of NJ on the Y-Axis in one day (208.4mi), twice.

The All-City Product Manager position is a culmination of my life experience, passion, knowledge and influence and you bet I’ll be channeling it all into bringing some amazing things to market.


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Brad Parker

Brad Parker

January 17, 2015

I love hearing stories like this. When you wake up and realize what is important; Fresh air, fun, taking it all in day after day.

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