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Introducing the New Sheriff SL’s

Introducing the New Sheriff SL’s


Introducing the New Sheriff SL’s

Hey there folks, today on this Memorial Day Monday it is not a day of rest at All-City HQ. Rather it is a day of excitement as we officially release upon the world our New Sheriff SL hubs. What's so cool about these hubs you ask? Well, for starters they're among the lightest in the world, and not only are they light, Buddy, they are plenty durable too.

What makes these even more newsworthy is the fact that since the fixie boom ended a few year's back, their just hasn't been much new track stuff out on the market. At All-City rather than forsaking our track roots, we're doubling down with cool new stuff such as the Made in the USA Pursuit Special, and the SL's.

Why do we call them the SL's? For Super Light of course.

Just how light?

The front weighs 198g and the rear clocks in at a crazy light 234g. Which means that at 432g per hubset, we've shaved 76g off the weight of the original New Sheriff's. The big kicker though is that we've done this without sacrificing any of the original's legendary durability and enhancing it's aesthetics.

Weight is shed with larger cutouts in the flanges, lightened axles, shorter bolts, and slimmer end caps. We topped off our design work with the finest Japanese manufactured 6902 bearings which roll incredibly fast and smooth while retaining excellent seals for all weather, all-day everyday durability.

New Sheriff SL's are available in 28h and 32h patterns and as fixed/fixed and fixed/free. They come in black and silver and are available now.

The price is $100 for the front and $110 for the rear, making them both awesome and affordable.

Now for some eye candy:


And some glamour shots
All city track-06

All city track-05

All city track-04

And when you mate them with a Thunderdome and a Pursuit Special, the results look a little bit like this.All city track-10
Not bad, Eh?

In conclusion, I'm pretty sure you just found your next pair of track hubs.

Happy Memorial Day.



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