Last modified: August 5, 2014

2015 Bikes: New Spec and Colors

Hey folks, we just released our new Annual at Saddle Drive and with it, our 2015 street lineup. Here are some details and photos of the new jams.

Here is your new Thunderdome color. 
Thunderdome Main

High polished body with a black panel, fork, and tips. That "All-City" on the downtube, that ain't a sticker, that's polished aluminum showing through. As it should be.

The high polished frame is a bit more labor than the old paint job, so the price is now $750. Still a bargain.

Thunderdome Detail 1
Thunderdome Detail 2 Thunderdome Detail 4

Space Horse
The Space Horse finally gets a new color, British Racing Green. And a swap in the handlebar to the awesome Cowbell.

The Big Block gets a new sweet paintjob as the tips return.



And finally, the most exciting of all, the new spec of the Mr. Pink. Mr. Pink Main

While the frame color stays the same. The spec is wildly amazing. It now sports a  full Sram Rival 22 kit and DT Swiss wheels. 

This new spec is significantly lighter than the old, and the price is now $1999.

Mr. Pink Detal 3Mr. Pink Detail 2Mr. Pink Detail 1

New junk out in September. Get pumped.

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Bob F

August 7, 2014

SERIOUSLY??  Blue again why not red again or yellow or orange or even black. I’ve waited knowing that you would ditch this terrible blue color. In 2015. I guess I will have to wait till 2016 to buy your bike. I’m really disappointed in your choice. Did buyers really like this color that much that you actually are insulting the bike for another year. The red was awesome and you only kept that for one year. REALLY WANT YOUR BIKE BUT NOT IN BLUE. IM SO DISAPPOINTED.


August 13, 2014

Dude…buy it a take it to a powdercoater. Not that hard.


August 14, 2014

Does this mean Macho is still yellow/orange and NB is still purps?


August 15, 2014

Hey Bob F, whoa, bro, chill out.  All-City changes their colors every two years…’s pretty normal.  Just wait til next year, or custom paint that steez and get what Bob wants.

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