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2014 Powderhorn 24

I registered my Super Team, Wat Gary, five minutes before the midnight registration deadline for Powderhorn 24 this year during Sunday Night Karaoke... #annastyle.

Now, I didn't know who was going to be on Wat Gary (not the real name... look it up if you're curious)... I registered my dogs as place holders (because they have email addresses... so they can have Facebook accounts... you know how it goes).  I only knew that the team would be awesome.  Something about what you endure in a 24 hour race physically, mentally, and emotionally brings out the best in people.  Great people really shine under that kind of stress.  

Then, like an idiot, I crashed on the track a week before PH24 and got a stupid concussion with a side of splinters.  Sleep deprivation, high heart rates, and the potential for another high speed crash are actually the worst possible things for someone with a brain injury.  I would have to sit this year out.  

While what would have been my team went out and slayed, I got to take the year off, hang out with my friends, and take some pictures.


Margeaux "Snakebite" Claude on Wat Gary (Koochella Mega Beast and OG Master Splinter) comes in from a lap.


Steph "McMasherton" Aich flying Wat Gary colors.


Wat Gary Basecamp with Ashley and Nikki and Class.


Spirits were high.  And these ladies were shining.


Snakebite Recovers.


Shaina takes a lap with Lee.


Melissa gives Women's Solo Winner, Mary, a well-deserved backrub.


Unicycles were everywhere. 






Doom on the Greenway




Local Super Organizer, Ginny, watching the race end.  


Alex, Men's Solo winner, juices.


Nikki raps it up for Wat Gary.  They (we?) took 1st Women's and 5th Overall.


The End.

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