Name: SK
Alias: Benjamin Davies
City: Minneapolis
Company: Rock It Courier
Bike Setup: All-City Thunderdome and Big Block
Soundtrack: Thin Lizzy: The Rocker
Favorite Street in the World: Toss up between Washington Ave. in downtown and Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis USA (SKITCH CITY)!


Half Ass Cat 1st
North Loop Match Sprints 1st
Beach Party Cat 2nd
BBQ Cat 2nd
Pedal for Words, 1st
Stupor Bowl (Stupor) 3rd
River West 24 (Team Spokegirl) 1st
Demonicat 1st

St. Ides Massacre 1st
House Party Cat 3rd
CMWC Biggest Wiener
River West 24 (poisonousscorpionrazerblades en fuego) 1st Category A

BBQ Cat 1st
Nick NACCC Alleycat 2nd
St. Patricks Day Drink n Drop 1st
All City Championships 6th
River West 24 (Team What's in the Boxxx?) 1st Overall

BBQ Cat Chicago 2nd

Stupor Bowl (Stupor) 3rd

Shout outs: to the Global Mess Family! The best family in the world! Thanks to All-City for giving me things to try and break. Massive thanks to One on One and The Alt for keeping all the Minneapolis messengers on the street with the best mechanics around. Mad love to the rest of the All-City Courier team, quite possibly the raddest people in the game today! Big thanks to Trash Bags for providing me with a bag that can hold five small children and consistently supporting the messenger community worldwide. Props to the MBMA and all the people at Rock It for always going hard in the yard! And my mama for raising me! LOVE YOU MOM!! #MESSLIFE #TIG #ELBICHOMASCABRON!!