Last modified: June 15, 2010

A Word About Warranties

Today I received an email from a potential customer wondering why our warranty period is 3 years and other companies' are for "lifetime" or other periods of time.   I figured if one person is wondering that question, then there are likely others.  I was speaking with our engineer Adam regarding this and the following is a correspondence that he sent to me that I'd thought I'd share with  you.

First, we’re being direct and up front. We don’t want to gain frame sales on a false notion. If you are riding your bike, the manufacturers defects will likely present themselves during assembly or the first couple of rides. The idea of a “lifetime” warranty is a sales tool. What we are doing is offering a realistic warranty period that gives both the consumer and the shop realistic expectations. “Lifetime” warranties create situations where consumers can have unrealistic expectations, which ultimately can put the shop in a hard place.

Most frame failures occur from crashes, misuse, or abuse. These are not situations in which the product was defective. Thus, not covered under warranty. We do offer a crash replacement program. This is a tool to help people who ride very hard, are just learning how to do tricks, or fall into some sort of unfortunate series of events.

In my personal experience I have broken several BMX frames, some with “lifetime” warranties, and others with 90 day [or similar] warranties. I actually recieved better customer service and a better crash replacement deal from the company with the 90 day warranty [even though it was after 9 months of use].

Ultimately, if you closely read other companies warranties policies, particularly BMX companies and large manufacturers, despite any length of time, the warranty only covers defects in construction, craftsmanship, and design.

Wear and tear is never covered.

Trick riding is really hard on product, but if you ride within your limits and don’t huck yourself off of and into everything, your frame is going to last a long time.

The bottom line is this:

AC products are design to last and hold up under normal use

The warranty period is appropriate

We offer a crash replacement for situations that either fall outside of what is covered under the warranty, or after the warranty has expired

If there is an issue with a product, and it’s our fault, we’ll take care of the customer regardless. We’re not in business to rip people off, we want to produce the best product out there and back it up with a realistic warranty. Not put an unrealistic warranty on a mediocre product.

These are some examples of really well written warranties from companies who we think do a great job:


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