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Jeff Frane

Brand Manager

I hail from a small logging and mill town in Northern Wisconsin, where I grew up mountain bike racing, and hanging out in the woods. 

After college, no one would hire a guy with degrees in Public Relations and Comparative Studies in Religion, so I ended up wrenching in a MPLS shop after spending a year being a climbing and snowboard bum living out of my van.  After discovering track bikes, single speeds, and the good life, I was lucky enough to work my way into being one of the folks who started All-City. 

My whole deal is the concept that each of us is responsible for our own existence and happiness, and that with a little effort life can be just amazing.  One of the biggest pieces of that equation, for me, is my bicycle.  I am a firm believer that every time I swing a leg over, it helps me to be a better human being and lead a better life.

This belief and dedication impacts every aspect of my day to day from the personal to the professional, and I work my ass off in service to it. 

I am one of the chief organizers in the Minneapolis cycling community, throw the annual (and brand's namesake) All City Championship alleycat, Track or Treat, Bandit Cross series, and numerous other events throughout the year.  In my spare time I run Bike Jerks, my little t-shirt company, blog, and the arm with which I organize events, design and make things.

My goals with All-City are to make things that people who love bikes want to own, and to help steer the industry in ways that positively serve the riders and shops.

No Name #1 2006 - 1st
No Name #2 2006 - 1st

2006 Bicycle Film Fest Alleycat - 2nd

Eric Lappegard Memorial 2007 - 1st

St. Ides Massacre 2007 - 1st

Lake Street Death Race 2008 - 1st

Star Wars: Hipsters on Hoth 2008 - 1st

Barbeque Cat 2008 - 1st

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 9 -2010- 1st Out of Town, 2nd Overall

Raccoon Rally 2010 - 2nd

South Side Suicide 2007 - 1st
South Side Suicide 2008 - 1st
South Side Suicide 2009 - 1st

Stupor Bowl 10 2007 - 10th speed
Stupor Bowl 11 2008 - 4th speed
Stupor Bowl 12 2009 - 2nd speed
Stupor Bowl 13 2010 - 1st speed
Stupor Bowl 14 2011 - 1st speed
Stupor Bowl 15 2012 - 3rd Drunk

Knick NACCC Alleycat 2013 - 1st
BBQ Cat 2013 - 3rd
Cobble Bobble 2013 - 3rd
Scaredy Cat 2 2013 - 3rd

Dowtown Los Angeles 2012 - 2nd Cat 4/5
Baker Orchard 2013 - 2nd Cat 4/5
Green Acres 2013 Day Two - 2nd Cat 4/5

Looking for a Product Manager

September 03, 2014 | Jeff


All-City is currenlty seeking a qualified person to take over the Product Management side of our operation. If you think you have the skills and experience, head over to Careers tab and check out the posting.

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