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Joseph Chapman


Alias: Opie

Company: Decatur Bikes, Skate Escape Bikes, Jimmy John's

Hobbies: Working, racing, and wrenching on bikes

Work Bike: 52cm Macho Man w/ a mismatched group

2010 North American Cycle Courier Championship 3rd
2011 North American Cycle Courier Championship 16th
2012 North American Cycle Courier Championship 7th, 1st Sprints
2011 Cranksgiving Atl 1st
2011 Kirkwood Recycle Race 1st
2012 Cycle Messenger World Championship Fastest Disqualifier
2012 East Coast Messenger Stage Race 9th Overall, 1st Team

Thanks: My family, friends, shops, All-City, and anyone who throws a race!

Looking for a Product Manager

September 03, 2014 | Jeff


All-City is currenlty seeking a qualified person to take over the Product Management side of our operation. If you think you have the skills and experience, head over to Careers tab and check out the posting.

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