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Johnathan Ball

Costa Mesa

Hobbies: Riding bikes everywhere, hangin with the fros(not a typo), Baseball, editing, filming, bowling, barspins, finding new spots, Call of Duty.

Bike Setup: Medium All-City Def Wish, All-City Dropout fork, 29er Mtx's laced to All-City Deputy Hubs, 33t All-City Def Star sprocket, Resist 165 cranks, Colony bb, 13t All-City cog & Lockring, All-City Fuzzy Bars, LDG Stem, FSA Impact headset, Royal Handmade Straps, Demo Seat, Resist seatpost,  48c Rando front, Resist 45c rear.

Thanks: Jeff with All-City for hooking me up with a solid bike, My Dad for supporting me and always helping me fix my bike, Paul with Royal for making the best freestyle straps on the market and getting me on the team, Graham with the Workshop, Sol and Oscar with NINJACATS!!! Junho for always helping me out with my bike, Omar for being my best friend and supporting me, Marco marquez for pushing me, being my best friend, and being a cutie. BARSPIN TRIO! Alec for pushing me, Joe Mckeag, Mike Dinh, Packy, Thieth Giver for being the best person on this planet,  Kinsey for supporting me <3 and everybody who inspires, pushes, and creates this sport!

Introducing the Pursuit Special

July 21, 2014 | Anna


We’ve been working intensely on cross product and the JYD lately, so I was beyond stoked when All-City Global Product Manager Amy “The Hammer” Kippley gave me a track chainring to design. Images of track bags full of All-City chainrings danced in my head.

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