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Joe Panizzo


Team: Machine Politics (Matt Lane, Ben Shultz

Company: Uptop Delivery Network

Polo Bike Setup: Dropout frame and fork (special white powdercoat), 48 hole wheels, Stylo crankset, Paul dual pull brake lever. Odyssey brakes, Brooks B-17 saddle, Time Atac pedals, 32:22 (16) gear ratio.

Thanks: My family, they do way more than they probably want to allow me to travel to tournaments. My team: Ben and Matt for all the travels and just figuring out how a passing game can take over.  And to my polo family, I cannot express the joy you all make me feel, I cannot wait to see you all again.




North American Championships - Calgary - 2nd
Midwest Champeenships - 2nd
Boston Winter Lock-Down - 3rd

Lexington Midwest Open - 1st
Austin Massacarade - 1st
Chicago Old/New 2v2 - 1st
Chicago Cuttin Crew Grass Polo - 1st
London Open - 2nd
World Championships - Berlin - 2nd
East Side Polo Invite - 3rd

Midwest Champeenships - Columbia, MO - 1st - MVP

Midwest Champeenships - St. Louis - Madison - 1st


2010 Arturo's Race - 5th
2009 Cuttin Crew Classic Cargo Race - 1st
2008 CMWC Gold Sprints - 7th


The Nature Boy 853 is Real and Coming this Fall

August 27, 2014 | Jeff


Yes, it's real, and it's stunning. The wait will soon be over for those of you hoping that we would apply some Macho King magic to our beloved single speed disc platform.

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