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Joe Panizzo


Team: Machine Politics (Matt Lane, Ben Shultz

Company: Uptop Delivery Network

Polo Bike Setup: Dropout frame and fork (special white powdercoat), 48 hole wheels, Stylo crankset, Paul dual pull brake lever. Odyssey brakes, Brooks B-17 saddle, Time Atac pedals, 32:22 (16) gear ratio.

Thanks: My family, they do way more than they probably want to allow me to travel to tournaments. My team: Ben and Matt for all the travels and just figuring out how a passing game can take over.  And to my polo family, I cannot express the joy you all make me feel, I cannot wait to see you all again.




North American Championships - Calgary - 2nd
Midwest Champeenships - 2nd
Boston Winter Lock-Down - 3rd

Lexington Midwest Open - 1st
Austin Massacarade - 1st
Chicago Old/New 2v2 - 1st
Chicago Cuttin Crew Grass Polo - 1st
London Open - 2nd
World Championships - Berlin - 2nd
East Side Polo Invite - 3rd

Midwest Champeenships - Columbia, MO - 1st - MVP

Midwest Champeenships - St. Louis - Madison - 1st


2010 Arturo's Race - 5th
2009 Cuttin Crew Classic Cargo Race - 1st
2008 CMWC Gold Sprints - 7th


Introducing the Utility Knife

July 29, 2014 | Jeff


Everybody needs a good knife in their backpack or tool kit. Here's a favorite of the AC team, made by the fine folks at CRKT.

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