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SK is the wildcard, every family needs one.

Alias: Ben Davies

Company: Rock-It

Work Bike: Thunderdome

2011 Half Ass Cat 1st
2011, North Loop Match Sprints 1st
2011, Beach Party Cat 2nd
2011, BBQ Cat 2nd
2011 Pedal for Words, 1st
2011 Stupor Bowl (Stupor) 3rd
2011 River West 24 (Team Spokegirl) 1st
2011 Demonicat 1st

2012 St. Ides Massacre 1st
2012 House Party Cat 3rd
2012 CMWC Biggest Wiener
2012 River West 24 (poisonousscorpionrazerblades en fuego) 1st Category A

2013 BBQ Cat 1st
2013 Nick NACCC Alleycat 2nd
2013 St. Patricks Day Drink n Drop 1st
2013 All City Championships 6th
2013 River West 24 (Team What's in the Boxxx?) 1st Overall

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Erin Young


Work Bike: Macho Man / Thunderdome

Likes: donuts, track racing, Pizza, Point Break, tattoos, tubulars, coffe, dogs

Dislikes: flat tires, aggro drivers, DNF's



1st Place Overall B division, Indoor Grass Criteriums
1st Place Overall Weeks 1,2,3,4,6 Indoor Grass Criteriums
2nd Stupor race, Stupor Bowl
3 No Name Wins
6th Overall, 1st Out of Town Polcat, Chicago
2nd Minnesota State Match Sprint Championships
1st Sadie Hawkins, Chicago

1st Stupor race, Stupor Bowl
3 No Name Wins
33rd Overall Cycle Messenger World Championships, Chicago
2nd Track Crit, All City Championships, Minneapolis
7th Overall All City Championship, Minneapolis
1st MBMA Cobble Bobble Crit
1st House Party Cat, Minneapolis
1st Scaredy Cat
3rd State Fair Criterium
3rd Chariot Sprints Cat 3 NSC Velodrome
2nd Sadie Hawkins Chicago

2nd Speed Stupor Bowl
2nd, 4th of July Blue Ribbon Omnium Alpenrose, Portland
13th Overall, 2nd Retired Messenger, North American Cycle Courier Championships
11th Keirin Track Nationals
1st Scaredy Cat, Minneapolis
1st Track or Treat, Minneapolis
1st MBMA Homecoming, Minneapolis
1st Sadie Hawkins, Chicago
5th State Match Sprint Championships Pro 1/2
6th State Keirin Championships Pro 1/2
3rd Bilenky's Junkyard Cross Single Speed, Philadelphia


Thanks: Anna, Alan, Vivian, and Stella Schones. Mathew. Thoma. Gabriel, Arturbo and Charming Courier Collective. The Pecks. Chris Dilts. Jeff Frane. All of my teammates at Speedfix Racing. Big thanks to everyone I've worked with, and for, in my travels.

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Luke Kalloch


Company: Beat The Clock Messengers

Hobbies: General bike shenanigans, racing (alleycats, cx, road, whatever), touring, wheelies (mostly wheelies), general music happenings, making/drinking coffee, growing moustaches, shaving moustaches

Work bike: All-City Nature Boy, w/stock wheels (alternating fixed and free to the mood), full SKS fenders (for all the rain we get in Austin), TRP brake levers, Kore carbon cantilevers, SRAM Rival crankset, Ritchey bars, Thomson stem

5th Coney Island or Bust (NYC)
10th Monster Track '07
2nd  - Big Lubowski Alleycat (Boston)
1st - Countless Fab Fridays (Austin)
5th - NAHBS '11 Alleycat (Austin)
4th - North American Courier Championships 2011
7th Cycle Messenger World Championships 2012
9th Texas State Road Championship Race (Cat 4) 2011
3rd - Cyclocross Scuff '11 (SS)
2nd - Webberville Cross '11 (SS)
3rd - Webberville Cross '12 (SS)
1st - Bicycle Outback Cross '12 (SS)
4th - Texas State Championship CX '12 (SS)
1st - 22nd Annual La Primavera Lago Vista (Cat 3) 2013

7th North American Cycle Courier Championships, Seattle
2nd Track Crit - All City Championships
1st Out of Town - All City Championships
2nd - Six Shooter Cross (Cat 3)
2nd - Highlander Cross (SS open)
1st - Highlander Cross (Cat 3)
5th - Terra X (Cat 3)
4th - Tough Cross (Cat 3)

3rd - Texas State Cross Championships (Cat 3)

Thanks: All of my family, the fellas at Pronto/Beat the Clock, Christina Peck (for putting in the good word), All-City (for taking the good word), and everyone that keeps supporting the slacker lifestyle that I refuse to give up.

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Heather Muller

New York City

Company: Mess Kollective

Hobbies: Racing bikes and making videos about racing bikes!

Work Bike: All-City Nature Boy 46cm

Monster Track NYC- 1st Female 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012
NACCC 2011 Austin - 3rd Female
2012 CMWC 2nd place female
2011 Cranksgiving 4th place overall (on a tandem!)

Thanks: to KT HIggins and the Bushwick Bike Shop, Gina, Shawn, and the King Kog / Rosko Cyclocross team, Lance Mercado at Squarebuilt, Ian Dowden at Chicken Switch, the NYC Messenger Community for being so supportive over the years, Kevin and Amy Bolger, Tony Monroe, Victor Ouma, Kevin Dillard, Team 85 Broads, Ryan at Cliff Bar, Sara Kinney and Ken Stanek for giving me a creative outlet with Bike Shorts, Jeff Frane and Christina Peck for getting me on a Nature Boy, and my mom for all her support and encouragment.



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Joseph Chapman


Alias: Opie

Company: Decatur Bikes, Skate Escape Bikes, Jimmy John's

Hobbies: Working, racing, and wrenching on bikes

Work Bike: 52cm Macho Man w/ a mismatched group

2010 North American Cycle Courier Championship 3rd
2011 North American Cycle Courier Championship 16th
2012 North American Cycle Courier Championship 7th, 1st Sprints
2011 Cranksgiving Atl 1st
2011 Kirkwood Recycle Race 1st
2012 Cycle Messenger World Championship Fastest Disqualifier
2012 East Coast Messenger Stage Race 9th Overall, 1st Team

Thanks: My family, friends, shops, All-City, and anyone who throws a race!

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Anton Bennett

San Francisco

Company: Godspeed Courier

Likes: Oakland. Taco trucks. Beer. Lurking. Street Racing. Beer..

Dislikes: Wind. Empty stomach. Your ego.

2012 Global Gutz SF 1st
2012 Race to Registration 1st
2012 1st Messenger Quake City Rumble
2012 NYC Messkings - SF Alleycat 3rd
2012 Tunnel Vision Messenger Crit WILA 2nd
2012 Sardines Time Trial 2nd
2011 Quake City Rumble Champion
Spokeland Wipeout Alleycat 2011 1st
Fixation: Rubdown Alleycat 2011 1st
Trickster Treat 2011 3rd
Dirty BFF SF 2011 2nd
Where’s Waldo Alleycat 2011 1st
Africat 2010 2nd
Rush Hour Dash 2nd 2009
Badass Alleycat 2009 BFF 1st 2009
Island scramble 1st 2009

Thanks: All-City Cycles, WOB Crew, Kell Mckenzie, Jason Clary, EJ Segura, JB Davis, Chris Nguyen, John Reiss, Dyami Serna, Nerf, Mike Reyes, Robin Song, Godspeed Courier, Clea, SFBMA, Sarah Murder, Savanna Tracey, James Newman, Montano Velo, Bay Area Bikes and all the other great peeps that have supported me.

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Johnathan Ball

Costa Mesa

Hobbies: Riding bikes everywhere, hangin with the fros(not a typo), Baseball, editing, filming, bowling, barspins, finding new spots, Call of Duty.

Bike Setup: Medium All-City Def Wish, All-City Dropout fork, 29er Mtx's laced to All-City Deputy Hubs, 33t All-City Def Star sprocket, Resist 165 cranks, Colony bb, 13t All-City cog & Lockring, All-City Fuzzy Bars, LDG Stem, FSA Impact headset, Royal Handmade Straps, Demo Seat, Resist seatpost,  48c Rando front, Resist 45c rear.

Thanks: Jeff with All-City for hooking me up with a solid bike, My Dad for supporting me and always helping me fix my bike, Paul with Royal for making the best freestyle straps on the market and getting me on the team, Graham with the Workshop, Sol and Oscar with NINJACATS!!! Junho for always helping me out with my bike, Omar for being my best friend and supporting me, Marco marquez for pushing me, being my best friend, and being a cutie. BARSPIN TRIO! Alec for pushing me, Joe Mckeag, Mike Dinh, Packy, Thieth Giver for being the best person on this planet,  Kinsey for supporting me <3 and everybody who inspires, pushes, and creates this sport!

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Craig Etheridge

Seattle, WA

Company: KNR Couriers

Work Bike: All-City Nature Boy with ancient Spinergy Rev X’s (watch your fingers). Flat bars and pretty Paul Love levers pulling some Tektro Mini-v’s = stops on a dime.  White Industries ENO cranks and medium gearing. Speed, comfort, cool; got it!

2007 NACCC San Francisco 4th place
2009 Cascade Cream Puff 100 mile moutain bike race single speed category
2009 West Side Invite Main Race, Alley Cat, and Overall Winner
2010 Seattle Cyclocross Series Single Speed Overall Champion
2010 SSCX Washington State Champion
2010 Cycle Messenger World Championships 1st Place Overall
2012 Cycle Messenger World Championships 1st Place Overall

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Joe Panizzo


Team: Machine Politics (Matt Lane, Ben Shultz

Company: Uptop Delivery Network

Polo Bike Setup: Dropout frame and fork (special white powdercoat), 48 hole wheels, Stylo crankset, Paul dual pull brake lever. Odyssey brakes, Brooks B-17 saddle, Time Atac pedals, 32:22 (16) gear ratio.

Thanks: My family, they do way more than they probably want to allow me to travel to tournaments. My team: Ben and Matt for all the travels and just figuring out how a passing game can take over.  And to my polo family, I cannot express the joy you all make me feel, I cannot wait to see you all again.




North American Championships - Calgary - 2nd
Midwest Champeenships - 2nd
Boston Winter Lock-Down - 3rd

Lexington Midwest Open - 1st
Austin Massacarade - 1st
Chicago Old/New 2v2 - 1st
Chicago Cuttin Crew Grass Polo - 1st
London Open - 2nd
World Championships - Berlin - 2nd
East Side Polo Invite - 3rd

Midwest Champeenships - Columbia, MO - 1st - MVP

Midwest Champeenships - St. Louis - Madison - 1st


2010 Arturo's Race - 5th
2009 Cuttin Crew Classic Cargo Race - 1st
2008 CMWC Gold Sprints - 7th


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Jeff Frane


Hobbies: I run Bike Jerks, screenprint, and try to be outside as often as possible.

Bikes: I own and ride one of every bike AC makes, as well as several mountain bikes, a dirt jumper, a bunch of track bikes, etc.

Freestyle: Bootleg Sessions 3, Bootleg Sessions 4. 

No Name #1 2006 - 1st
No Name #2 2006 - 1st

2006 Bicycle Film Fest Alleycat - 2nd

Eric Lappegard Memorial 2007 - 1st

St. Ides Massacre 2007 - 1st

Lake Street Death Race 2008 - 1st

Star Wars: Hipsters on Hoth 2008 - 1st

Barbeque Cat 2008 - 1st

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 9 -2010- 1st Out of Town, 2nd Overall

Raccoon Rally 2010 - 2nd

South Side Suicide 2007 - 1st
South Side Suicide 2008 - 1st
South Side Suicide 2009 - 1st

Stupor Bowl 10 2007 - 10th speed
Stupor Bowl 11 2008 - 4th speed
Stupor Bowl 12 2009 - 2nd speed
Stupor Bowl 13 2010 - 1st speed
Stupor Bowl 14 2011 - 1st speed
Stupor Bowl 15 2012 - 3rd Drunk

Knick NACCC Alleycat 2013 - 1st
BBQ Cat 2013 - 3rd
Cobble Bobble 2013 - 3rd
Scaredy Cat 2 2013 - 3rd

Dowtown Los Angeles 2012 - 2nd Cat 4/5
Baker Orchard 2013 - 2nd Cat 4/5
Green Acres 2013 Day Two - 2nd Cat 4/5

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Stu Louder

Richmond VA

Companies: Downtown Direct, Bizport Logistics

Likes: A fast race, tight deadlines, and loose friends

Dislikes: Sandals on bikes!!!

CX/Work Setup: Nature Boy, Alpha Q fork and stem, Ritchey Classic bar, Thomson post, Rival Crank, All-City Hubs, Shimano Levers, and breaking Egg-beaters for years.

2011 North American Cycle Courier Championships, 3rd overall
2010 North American Cycle Courier Championships, 1st overall
2009 Virginia Best All Around Rider
2009 Virginia Cyclocross Series 7th
2008 Virginia State CX Championship 2nd
2009, 2008, 2007 Halloween Race Richmond VA First
Ides of March Race 3 Wins
Cycle Slaughterama 1st
Mathlete’s Revenge 1st
PBR Sx Pack Philly, Pa 1st out of town
North American Cycle Courier Championship 2006 21st
Cycle Messenger Worlds 2010 28th
2nd Place Milwaukee Messenger Invitational, 2011

Races I Organize:
Scrabble RAce 1, 2, & 3
Street Justice
Jah-Kringle Cross
Midnight Mayhem
Working Man’s Classic


To all the supporters and friend in my local community.  To Jeff at AC and Stratton from Kazane for helping the messengers out!

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Austin Horse

New York City

Austin is our dude, he rides Brooklyn frames and a bunch of AC parts. He's does all kinds of races, all over the world, and we're stoked to have him on board.

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Christina Peck

San Francisco

Company: Godspeed Courier

Hobbies: Cycling on and off road. Excessive coffee and crossword puzzles. Sandwiches. Hiking and all types of outdoor exploration.

Work Bikes: My main work bike is the Mr. Pink featuring a mix of SRAM Red, Force, and Apex with a Mavic Askium wheelset.  Also, an Alchemy cross bike, Paramount PDG7, Faggin track bike, and of course All-City Thunderdome and Big Block.

1st Place Overall 2009, 1st Female, North American Cycle Courier Championships, Boston
1st Place Female 2010, 3rd overall, North American Cycle Courier Championships, Atlanta
1st Place Female 2011, 7th overall,  North American Cycle Courier Championships, Austin
1st Place Overall 2013, 1st Female, North American Cycle Courier Championships, Seattle

2nd Place Female 2010, Cycle Messenger World Championships, Guatemala
3rd Place Female, 29th Overall 2009 Cycle Messenger World Championships, Tokyo

2nd Place, 2009 Illinois State Cat 4 Road Race Championship
1st Place Co-ed Relay Jackson Park Cyclocross 2010
2nd Place Women’s Open Jackson Park Cyclocross 2010
1st Place Illinois Single Speed Cross Championships 2011
1st Place Tour of Galena Cat 4 Omnium 2012

1st Place Women’s Stupor, Stupor Bowl 14 2011
1st Place Bicycle Film Festival Alleycat, Chicago 2011
1st Place Polcat, Chicago 2011
2nd Place Women's Speed, Stuporbowl 15 2012
1st Place Women's, Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 2012
1st Out of Town, 3rd overall, Babes in Bikeland 2012
1st Place Alleycute, Oakland 2013

Thanks:  Chicago Cuttin' Crew, Godspeed, All-City for hooking up rad frames and all their support + the rest of the All-City team, and my Chicago messenger family.

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Nico Deportago-Cabrera


Company: 4 Star Courier Collective

Hobbies: Cyclocross, track racing, comic books, kick ass rock & roll, going fast

Work Bikes:
All-City Thunderdome Prototype with Truvativ Omnium cranks, Velocity Deep-V's laced to AC Standard track hubs, Fyxation Session 700 tires, Fyxation Gates flat pedals with All-City Holdfast straps, Truvativ riser bars, Thomson post, San Marco Concor BFF2010 Edition Saddle

All-City Big Block with 612 Track Cranks, Deep-V's, Fyxation tires, Fyxation Gates pedals/straps, Fyxation Comet stem, Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit bars, Fyxation Pilot seat posts, Fyxation Button Saddle

All-City Nature Boy Zona with FSA Gossamer BB30 cranks, Bontrager Race Lite wheels, Fyxation Session 700 tires, FSA SLK stem, FSA SLK Cantilevers, FSA SLK seatpost, FSA Wing Pro bars, Sram SS levers, Crankbrothers Candy 3 pedals, and All-City Gonzo saddle

All-City Macho Man - Under Construction

1st Place Male 2009 North American Cycle Courier Championships Boston
12th Place Male 2010 North American Cycle Courier Championships Atlanta
13th Place Male 2011 North American Cycle Courier Championships Austin
11th Place Male 2012 North American Cycle Courier Championships Richmond

16th Overall Cycle Messenger World Championships, Tokyo 2009
13th Overall Cycle Messenger World Championships, Guatemala 2010
7th Overall Cycle Messenger World Championships, Warsaw 2011
Organizer / Course Designer Chicago 2012

1st Place Halloween, Chicago 2009
1st Place Cranksgiving, Chicago 2009
3rd Place pol-cat, Chicago 2010
1st Place Don’t Kill the Messenger, Madison 2010
1st Place Velo-City Tour, Chicago 2010
3rd Overall Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 2011
1st Place Beginning of the End, Chicago 2011
1st Overall Bicycle Film Fest Alleycat, Chicago 2011
1st Overall Polcat, Chicago 2011
Chicago Cuttin Crew Classic - organizer 2010 - ?

Thanks: Everyone at All-City for keeping me rolling and pushing our sport to the next level, my teamates on the Chicago Cuttin Crew, my partners at 4 Star Courier Collective, Ben and Nick at Fyxation, the crew at Bern, the familia at Chrome, and my messenger family all across the globe.

Looking for a Product Manager

September 03, 2014 | Jeff


All-City is currenlty seeking a qualified person to take over the Product Management side of our operation. If you think you have the skills and experience, head over to Careers tab and check out the posting.

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