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Anton Bennett

San Francisco

Company: Godspeed Courier

Likes: Oakland. Taco trucks. Beer. Lurking. Street Racing. Beer..

Dislikes: Wind. Empty stomach. Your ego.

2012 Global Gutz SF 1st
2012 Race to Registration 1st
2012 1st Messenger Quake City Rumble
2012 NYC Messkings - SF Alleycat 3rd
2012 Tunnel Vision Messenger Crit WILA 2nd
2012 Sardines Time Trial 2nd
2011 Quake City Rumble Champion
Spokeland Wipeout Alleycat 2011 1st
Fixation: Rubdown Alleycat 2011 1st
Trickster Treat 2011 3rd
Dirty BFF SF 2011 2nd
Where’s Waldo Alleycat 2011 1st
Africat 2010 2nd
Rush Hour Dash 2nd 2009
Badass Alleycat 2009 BFF 1st 2009
Island scramble 1st 2009

Thanks: All-City Cycles, WOB Crew, Kell Mckenzie, Jason Clary, EJ Segura, JB Davis, Chris Nguyen, John Reiss, Dyami Serna, Nerf, Mike Reyes, Robin Song, Godspeed Courier, Clea, SFBMA, Sarah Murder, Savanna Tracey, James Newman, Montano Velo, Bay Area Bikes and all the other great peeps that have supported me.

The Nature Boy 853 is Real and Coming this Fall

August 27, 2014 | Jeff


Yes, it's real, and it's stunning. The wait will soon be over for those of you hoping that we would apply some Macho King magic to our beloved single speed disc platform.

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