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My Nature Boy Disc 853

I waved goodbye to this sweetheart this week.  My heart is broken.


Meet my prototype Nature Boy Disc 853.  I’ve had her built up since March.  She’s been everywhere with me since. 

We try all sorts of things out in prototype phase… some things make it to production and others don’t.  It’s our chance to get some shit out of our system before we get serious.

This prototype allowed us to get a lot of shit out of our system.

Man, I freaking love color on bikes.  If a bike is boring in concept, it just feels like it doesn’t ride as well as it could. Saisha, All-City Rockstar Art Director and Resident Curator of Mexican Blankets, gets me. 


This is why my personal prototypes are typically fabulous in every sense of the word.  In this prototype, Saisha wanted to try a flat red… a concept that is pretty unheard of within All-City (we like sparkles, historically).  Also, she knows what a fan I am of the Terry Butterfly Team Edition saddles from a few years ago (I have purchased five of them). 

So Saisha had my prototype painted to match that saddle.  Hot damn.  Girl knocked it out of the park.

Also, because this is the first All-City I’ve personally had with a 44mm head tube, I was able to put the Whisky No. 9 Thru-Axle cross fork on it… something I designed for Whisky a few years ago during a slow time for All-City.  Saisha had it painted to match.  It rides gorgeously.  We made other decisions with respect to spec in production.


My little brother made me a mash-up DH/road crank especially for this frame.  It's fantastic.  I dressed it all up with gold.


I love these dropouts in pink.  They look like Faberge eggs.



My favorite 10k gold frame decal. 


I had these stickers made for my favorite people around.  They are on the top tubes of my personal bikes too.  Especially the ones I race.


I miss her like crazy.


If you want to see her in person, I'll be "participating" my face off in Cross Vegas on her.  Come see the spectacle.

Across Vegas Afterparty


All-City, Golden Saddle, and The Radavist bring you
Across Vegas Afterparty
After Cross Vegas next Wednesday at Centra Bar in the Luxor Midnight be there.

Looking for a Product Manager

All-City is currenlty seeking a qualified person to take over the Product Management side of our operation. If you think you have the skills and experience, head over to Careers tab and check out the posting.

Here is the description, sorry if it seems lame, but you know, it's a job posting. We've given up on having "cool" job postings, the same way you eventually had to give up having funny answering machine messages.  (Remember answering machines?)

Product Manager - All-City

All-City is seeking a qualified applicant to help us continue our mission of making some of the most beautiful bikes and parts in the industry.

Bicycles are not our hobby; they are at the very core of everything we do and are. An intrinsic part of our existence that allow us to lead a better life every time we swing a leg over the top tube.

Why Join Us?
All-City exists to make a significant contribution to the culture and machinery of Urban Cycling. We make products for people for whom the bike is not a pastime or a hobby, but an everyday part of their existence and world.

We make some of the finest steel (and one aluminum) bicycles in the world, and sweat the details. We believe that steel is a performance material to make fast, fun, race bikes that you can live with and ride every day of your life. We are a company of riders making product for other riders, a group of racers and nerds striving to help people have more fun on two wheels.

All-City is owned by QBP. QBP is one of the world’s leading distributors of bicycles, components, and accessories. Our continued success is led by our belief in purpose before profit. From our commuter program, which pays employees to ride or carpool to work, to our extensive community outreach efforts, to our LEED certified environmentally sustainable facilities, we live our values in everything we do. We strive in all we do to create success not only for our business and our employees, but for our partners and community as well.

What you will do
The All-City Product Manager is expected to execute and be accountable for all product development activity, development objectives and strategies, product development plan, and related results. This includes bikes, frames, parts, accessories, and softgoods.

The All-City Product Manager will:
• Execute upon the Product Development objective, strategies, and plan that aligns to the business objective and strategies

• Execute and maintain an annual global product development plan and related expense plan

• Plan, manage, and coordinate all development projects for the brand (communication and coordination amongst all brand functions is key)

• Be responsible for leading brand product safety and compliance, work with Supply Chain, Compliance, and Development Teams to develop and meet expectations for qualification and quality assurance

• Track industry and consumer trends to ensure all products are desirable and competitive for all stakeholders

• Collaborate with brand teams to establish cost targets, margin structure, in-stock dates to meet sales and marketing goals

• Align knowledge of industry trends with brand sales data to manage product lifecycles for the brand

• Consistently improve overall product range and individual product details each model year

• Negotiate with potential and existing vendors

• Build and maintain relationships with vendors

• Represent QBP with integrity

*Other tasks and responsibilities as assigned

A passion for cycling, the cycling industry, and love of its people

• Breadth and depth of understanding of the cycling industry, its brands, its dealers, and consumers where applicable

• Ability and desire to test bicycle components, or identify individuals who will

• A strong desire to learn and teach others

• Substantial communication skills and collaborative spirit

• Technical knowledge of bicycles and components and mechanical ability to work on them

• Ability to balance a broad brand/product range focus with detailed task level execution

• Proven organizational and analytical skills, detail orientation, and problem solving skills

• Practice and exhibit high self-awareness

• Domestic and International travel required 15-25% of weeks annually depending on brand responsibilities

Other information:

Pay Range: Pay Based on Experience

Supervisor: Manager, Product Development

Application Requirements: Cover letter and resume must accompany the application

Hours required: Full Time, Year Round

Modeling QBP Core Values:

• Act with integrity

• Be a true partner

• Create something special

• Deliver greatness

• Keep the customer first


So yeah, if you think you may be a good fit for what we've got going on. Get at us.

Beautiful Night Moves.

Last Friday, Jeff treated us to a Bandit Cross: Night Moves race in the Minnehaha dog park. 

What I appreciated about last Friday (and local Night Cross races also) aside from the absolutely perfect weather was that the crowd was local.  Don’t get me wrong… I love out of town guests.  We roll out The Good Party when you all visit, we do.  But it’s been an extremely guest-heavy summer and it was nice to hang with Minneapolis’ Finest in the middle of the woods during the brief lull between All-City Championships and NACCCs (which starts tomorrow… oh god it starts tomorrow).

We met at 10pm in the middle of the woods.  There was a fire.  There was a race.  There were spectacular hangs with people I couldn’t recognize in the dark.  And then there was some completely fun night swimming.

I love everyone.  You’re all diamonds.

Well, maybe not David.


We did have some infiltrators from the outside.  These Aussies, for example.


Big smiles.


Tiana is a dinosaur.


My All-City Low Pro backpack doing what it does... which is hold koozies.


Natalia is charming, as always.


The drama!



And they're off!


Holly (a new favorite), The Perpetually Injured Spanish, and Ben


Tiana is tolerant.


Oh Lilah.


It's like having my own personal Koochella Andrew W.K.


Lilah brought the hand-ups.  Because she's A Professional.


Lilah, tired of hand-up rejection, began shoving cookies in faces.  Poor Leigh.







The End.

The Nature Boy 853 is Real and Coming this Fall


Yes, it's real, and it's stunning.

The wait will soon be over for those of you hoping that we would apply some Macho King magic to our beloved single speed disc platform.


First off, lately we've been sort of terrible with accurately forecasting when our new bikes will arrive, this is a big reason we delayed a public announcement of this bike. We wanted to make sure that we would have it when we say we will.  What we're saying for this one is early November, and we feel really great about hitting that timeframe (maybe even earlier).

We were faced with the decision to hold off releasing it until next Summer or going late this year. Since we know there's a bunch of you die hard single speeders out there who would want an 853 fire breathing monster of a cross bike sooner rather than later, we're electing to get it out as soon as possible.

What you see above is a prototype frameset, and there will be a tweak to the production version. We've decided to use a larger diameter downtube to increase stiffness and sprinting prowess. We're pretty stoked on the change, and hope you will be too.  

The color will be the classic Nature Boy green faded into white and it will come with Whisky's excellent No. 7 fork.  The frameset price will be $1200, the same as a Macho King.  

The complete bike will be $2250 and sport the following components:

Headset: Cane Creek 40
Stem: Salsa Pro Moto 3
Handlebar: Salsa Cowbell 3
Brakes: Tektro Hylex (hydraulic single speed) - these are just awesome
Crankset: Driveline Alpina w/42t ring and Cross Wizard guard
Seatpost: FSA Gossamer
Saddle: All-City Gonzo
Cog: Surly 18t on a spaced out freehub body
Hubs: Formula 28h sealed bearing
Rims: Stan's Iron Cross
Tires: Clement MXP 

If you'd like one we are currently taking prebooks.  Talk to your local shop and have them reserve one for you.

As someone who's spent a good amount of time on the prototype, I can assure you that this bike is absolutely killer.

Hennepin Bridge Shirt

Yep, we've got a new t-shirt and it might just be the best one yet. The photo comes from a shoot that Saisha did in January of this year for booth graphics for our Frostbike booth. Paul, the photographer, killed it and so, in addition to the cover of the new Annual, we're using it for a sweet shirt.

It's available in both a ladies


as well as a men's cut

Hennepin Bridge Shirt Main

The price is $24.99 and your local shop can order you in one. We currently have all sizes in stock. 

The Part Numbers are:

Women's: Small CL0822, Medium CL0823, Large CL0824

Men's: Small CL0818, Medium CL0819, Large CL0820, X-Large CL0821

Oh, if you're wondering why it doesn't have a webpage all to itself, we're currently working on a new site and  have frozen the old one.  

Exploring the Calumet Air Force Station


Early this month I headed up to Copper Harbor Michigan and Single Speed USA. The day after the event we were burnt on bike activities and decided to pursue an urban legend we had heard regarding an abandoned Air Force base. After doing some googling and driving around on back roads for a few hours we found it.

Here is the photo graphic evidence.


Here is what the base looked like during its golden era, the buildings in front is the little subdivision they created, there were also dorms, a dining hall, school, and a gymnasium in addition to the military buildings. It had been abandoned as an Air Force Station in the late 80's, and was then used as a Reform School until the late 90's.









Stoked to have been there.

Zane Spang Photographs Koochella

Friend of the show, photographer to the stars, and genuinely nicest guy ever, Zane Spang, came to NSC Velodrome last week.  It's been a year since his last visit.  It was good to have him back.

He took some gorgeous photos... but he always does. You're always beautiful when Zane shoots you. 

Tiana "Bus Hands/T-Bits" Johnson pins Lilah "Frat Boy" Guertin.


France stretches.


As does the June "Tiny Terror" Osaki.


An injured Tiana puts her bike on the trainer.  She can't race, but she can ride.


Robbie jumps.







The end.


See more from Zane Spang here.

Alan’s Magnificent Nature Boy

So I have a Special Guy.  His name’s Alan.  He’s tall.  He likes fancy things.  Races bikes.  Is a killer mechanic.  I think he’s pretty rad.  We talk about, play with, and ride bikes all the time.

I asked him which All-City cross frameset he wanted… thinking that we have all of this really cool new disc product coming out and he hadn’t had a new bike in a few years.  Also, I like giving presents.

Out of our whole line up with all of the complicated and cool stuff I've been designing lately, Alan chose a Nature Boy with cantilever brake mounts. 

What can I say?  The man knows what he likes.  And the frameset is purple which, while not pink, is a close second for Alan’s favorite color.  

He had been curating parts from our part hoards for weeks, turns out.  Within hours of it entering the front door, it was built and fantastic.  It attracted all of the attention at Powderhorn 24 this weekend.



Cups match the brake accents.  Classy.


Grey tires to match grey handlebar tape.  Because Alan hates black tires.  Anyone can have black tires.


Alan's been saving this sticker for a very special build.


A single white tube top.  A top tube sticker to encourage him to race faster.


This Force crank was off of another bike of his (with pink hoods to accent)... one I had made for him for Valentine's Day years ago.  The first bike I gave him.  I think it's sweet that it made it onto this build.


Have a blurry photo of that build.


The End.

2014 State Championship Match Sprints at NSC Velodrome

Unable to participate myself on account of concussions being stupid, I went up with All-City Rider and Bad Food-Themed Tattoo Aficionado, Erin Young to take some pictures of State Championship Match Sprints last night.


Honestly, I was sure the event would be rained out.  I was looking forward to hanging out with “Beautiful Bob” Williams in the press box for an hour or so, checking in with the ladies from Koochella, then heading back to town.  


But the rain stopped, the track dried, and we were treated to some stunning skies.  The weather was cool.  There was enough breeze to discourage mosquitos.  The racing was fantastic.  And the heckling by officials was on.point.

Easily one of the best nights I've had out there.  

Beth staged for her flying 200m.


Linsey Hamilton:  if you've ever wondered what a shark would look like racing, look at Linsey.  Hot damn.


Margeaux winds up.


Seriously.  It was like watching bike racing in the middle of a Lisa Frank folder.


Erin's Thunderdome... with custom 10K gold Zubaz print decals on his Zipp Disc... to match his gold headset and chain.  Because: of course he does.


Beth trying to correct her track stand before her heat.


David Smith on his Thunderdome in the first spot.



Margeaux and Linsey wait for their final.


Beth held by Beautiful Bob.  Val "Valhalla" McGoldrick held by her dad... D'AWWWWwww



The Women's Podium.


Men's 1,2,3 podium... with quads.


The Bronze Club.


The End.


Summer Vacation Photos

I realized that I've been doing a poor job this summer of more personal blog posts, not that you're all on pins and needles or anything wondering what exactly Jeffy has been doing with his summer, but it's always fun for us to share what it is we do in our personal (non AC) lives, so you can get to know us and thus some of the reasons we do what we do and make what we make. We'll confine this post to the last few weeks, after our 2015 street launch at Saddle Drive.

This is my beloved '85 Volkswagon Vanagon, aka The Goose, at a reservoir in Utah where we like to go swimming when we're in town. Prior to the trip I was shattered to find that both of my front wheel wells are rusted through, like pick up the carpet and you're staring at the tire through. My solution was to cut apart a hydro pack bladder put some cardboard in the middle of it and tape it to the wheel wells. It's a temporary fix, but so far so good, while I try to find a homie to cut the rust out and weld in some new metal.

Those legs belong to Trevor from Surly, my roadtrip companion. That's a warm spring in South Dakota near Hot Springs. It was a super dope swimming hole.

IMG_3544 IMG_3580 
Our first view of the Tetons.

After Saddledrive we headed to Jackson, to climb Middle Teton. The last time we were on the mountain we participated in a rescue (getting supplies to a climber who was going to stay with his friends body over night, after she fell to her death), and witnessed 14 folks heli-vacced (sp?) out after being injured in lightning strikes (2 more died). It's a long story, that if you wish can read about on my personal blog.  Anyway, the point is, we had some deeply personal unfinished business with that mountain, and four years on from the first attempt, it was time to get up it.

The view from the tent

Our basecamp was Garnett Canyon, one of my favorite places on this earth.

Waterfall in Garnett Canyon

working our way up the snow fields


heading up the mountain, we brought our ice axes, but definitely should have had cramp-ons as well

myself in a mountaineering pose, All-City Chuey cap represent

our desintation

alpine flowers

At the saddle between Middle and South Teton looking into Idaho

summit portrait of Trevor

IMG_6204 IMG_6205 

going down is a lot more fun

chilling in a hot spring the day after our climb

listening to Darkthrone at a hot spring in the mountains is the best

the Grand

tooth brushing is key to a dirtbag's success
IMG_3645 IMG_6272
waiting for Old Faithful in Yellowstone, because sometimes you need to do the tourist things

And after that I headed up  to Copper Harbor Michigan for Single Speed USA IMG_6327
here are some favorite photos from the weekend in the U.P.

IMG_6338IMG_6375 IMG_6393IMG_6416 IMG_6481IMG_6494IMG_6499IMG_6505IMG_6506IMG_6510IMG_6519

and now, all I'm hoping for is to do this as much as possible until fall and cross season comes: IMG_3518

2014 Powderhorn 24

I registered my Super Team, Wat Gary, five minutes before the midnight registration deadline for Powderhorn 24 this year during Sunday Night Karaoke... #annastyle.

Now, I didn't know who was going to be on Wat Gary (not the real name... look it up if you're curious)... I registered my dogs as place holders (because they have email addresses... so they can have Facebook accounts... you know how it goes).  I only knew that the team would be awesome.  Something about what you endure in a 24 hour race physically, mentally, and emotionally brings out the best in people.  Great people really shine under that kind of stress.  

Then, like an idiot, I crashed on the track a week before PH24 and got a stupid concussion with a side of splinters.  Sleep deprivation, high heart rates, and the potential for another high speed crash are actually the worst possible things for someone with a brain injury.  I would have to sit this year out.  

While what would have been my team went out and slayed, I got to take the year off, hang out with my friends, and take some pictures.


Margeaux "Snakebite" Claude on Wat Gary (Koochella Mega Beast and OG Master Splinter) comes in from a lap.


Steph "McMasherton" Aich flying Wat Gary colors.


Wat Gary Basecamp with Ashley and Nikki and Class.


Spirits were high.  And these ladies were shining.


Snakebite Recovers.


Shaina takes a lap with Lee.


Melissa gives Women's Solo Winner, Mary, a well-deserved backrub.


Unicycles were everywhere. 






Doom on the Greenway




Local Super Organizer, Ginny, watching the race end.  


Alex, Men's Solo winner, juices.


Nikki raps it up for Wat Gary.  They (we?) took 1st Women's and 5th Overall.


The End.

Heather for Kryptonite

Check out our team rider Heather Muller in this making of video from Kryptonite.

Nature Boy Disc Framesets Are in Stock


That's right, the wait is over. We've got all sizes of Nature Boy Disc framesets in stock now.

Mr. Pink 61cm

Mr. Pink 58cm

Mr. Pink 55cm

Mr. Pink 52cm

Mr. Pink 49cm

Mr. Pink 46cm

Thunderdome 58cm

Thunderdome 55cm

Thunderdome 52cm

Thunderdome 49cm

Space Horse 61cm

Space Horse 58cm

Space Horse 55cm

Space Horse 52cm

Space Horse 49cm

Space Horse 46cm

Nature Boy 61cm

Nature Boy 58cm

Nature Boy 55cm

Nature Boy 52cm

Nature Boy 49cm

Nature Boy 46cm

Macho Man 61cm

Macho Man 58cm

Macho Man 55cm

Macho Man 52cm

Macho Man 49cm

Macho Man 46cm

2015 JYD Large

2015 JYD medium

2015 JYD small

2015 Big Block 61cm

2015 Big Block 58cm

2015 Big Block 55cm

2015 Big Block 52cm

2015 Big Block 49cm

2015 Big Block 46cm

2015 Bikes: New Spec and Colors

Hey folks, we just released our new Annual at Saddle Drive and with it, our 2015 street lineup. Here are some details and photos of the new jams.

Here is your new Thunderdome color. 
Thunderdome Main

High polished body with a black panel, fork, and tips. That "All-City" on the downtube, that ain't a sticker, that's polished aluminum showing through. As it should be.

The high polished frame is a bit more labor than the old paint job, so the price is now $750. Still a bargain.

Thunderdome Detail 1
Thunderdome Detail 2 Thunderdome Detail 4

Space Horse
The Space Horse finally gets a new color, British Racing Green. And a swap in the handlebar to the awesome Cowbell.

The Big Block gets a new sweet paintjob as the tips return.



And finally, the most exciting of all, the new spec of the Mr. Pink. Mr. Pink Main

While the frame color stays the same. The spec is wildly amazing. It now sports a  full Sram Rival 22 kit and DT Swiss wheels. 

This new spec is significantly lighter than the old, and the price is now $1999.

Mr. Pink Detal 3Mr. Pink Detail 2Mr. Pink Detail 1

New junk out in September. Get pumped.

SK Presents:  Butt Drugs

One thing that can certainly be said for All-City Sponsored Courier, SK, is that he really classes up the joint.

This gem is courtesy of him.

SK Presents:  Butt Drugs

Thunderdome Frame Sheet

Introducing the Utility Knife

Everybody needs a good knife in their backpack or tool kit. Here's a favorite of the AC team, made by the fine folks at CRKT.


We were originally going to call it the "Cutty-Stabby," but when legal shot that down, we came up with the incredibly creative "Utility Knife."

It's got a clip on one side, the AC logo on the other, and is good for spreading delicious jams, making dangerous arm movements, and of course cutting things.  


Here are some details:

Open Length: 6.5"

Closed Length: 3.75"

Blade: 2.625"

Weight: 3.1oz

MSRP is $39.99 and we have them in stock now.

Utility Knife

OA2900 Utility Knife

Anna’s All-City Championship Photo Dump

Yeah yeah yeah… two weeks late.  I'm the worst.

Also, I might be the worst "photographer" All-City has on staff.  Whatever.

All-City Championship weekend has become my favorite time of summer.  It’s a super fun, beautiful party marathon.  This year was made even better by having my ladies Kelly and Kelsey at my side, seen here getting gratuitous.



Friday:  The Track Crit(s)

Men’s track crit.


A rare shot of Mr. Frane.




SK and beer.


Me, kicking off the Women’s track crit. 





Post-race with my girl, Tiana, glowing from her recent win at the crit.



We woke up unreasonably early and went to the track.  

Because track.







After we finished track time, we posted up at our stop at Hidden Beach for the Alley Cat. 

Saisha Arted. There were racers at some point.




After Party

Erin, slinging Taco Cat.


Kate, glowing.


Chris Lee IN ACTION.


Sunday… bike polo.  My little bro was in town for the some Big Bike Polo Tournament.   

Neither of these jerks are him.


Taking pictures of bike polo matches feels… kind of like taking pictures of fighting butterflies.




This chick.


The End.

Human Powered Cycles

All-City Championships

Introducing the Pursuit Special

We’ve been working intensely on cross product and the JYD lately, so I was beyond stoked when All-City Global Product Manager Amy “The Hammer” Kippley gave me a track chainring to design.  Images of track bags full of All-City chainrings danced in my head.

Because there are so few components on a track bike, each component becomes more visually and functionally critical.  Basically, fewer components means that you just become more obsessed with the look and functionality of the components you do have. 

This obsession is exacerbated by the fact that due to the track conditions (clean, dry, smooth) there are very few environmental factors between you and your components.  There aren’t bumps in the course or obstacles (trees, cars) to distract you from your drivetrain grinding or being not stiff enough.  Likewise, there aren’t derailleurs or extra gears or brakes to distract your eye.

Because chainrings are so front and center, they easily become one of the most visually and functionally critical parts of a track bike.

On to design requirements:

The rings must look amazing.  This wasn't too much of an obstacle as I was working closely with the other half of the All-City Crack Creative Team, Saisha Harris, seen here giving thoughtful feedback.


The rings must function amazingly.  These rings are designed for velodrome application, first and foremost.  The tooth count would range up to 52T and as low as 46T.  While the design is track specific, we know people will throw them on street bikes. Noted.

The larger rings would benefit from a thin outer web to help maintain stiffness.  Also, pie plate-style chainrings are hot. 


This web would not be as beneficial to the smaller rings, only really adding weight. 

I added a short reinforcement ring to the back of all size rings to also assist with stiffness.  We did not add this ring to the front, however, as a reinforcement ring would interfere with many potential final machining processes we could use for making the outer face as shiny as possible.


Tooth profile must be butter.  I took a crack at designing my own profile, but when we started collaborating with our domestic chainring manufacturer, it was clear that I was not the expert in the relationship.

We looked at a lot of options for general form, but we arrived at this saw-tooth profile.  It worked well in simulation.  Also, it deviates from the common radially symmetrical forms that currently dominate the chainring game.  

Anyway, here are the initial concepts we came up with, fitted to cranks.




And the EXTREMELY rough concept and ride prototypes.




Lastly, here is my personal ride test prototype installed on my Koochella track frame (built up for Enduro TT night at NSC) with ample track slack.  


I don’t care how heavy my Vigorelli crank is, I think it’s a riot... and that the solid plainweave carbon spider is totally hot with the chainring.


And yeah, my drive train is filthy from our Midwest World Tour a few weeks ago.  I know.  I know.


The feedback from the test riders, and from my personal experience, is that this guy rides like butter on the track and on the street.  It's light and stiff to boot. 

The rings will be ready for you lovelies soon.  Look for them.

2014 All City Championship Alleycat Photos


Another year has come and gone for All-City's namesake alley cat, the All City Championships. This is my ninth year throwing the event and it just keeps on getting better. We had massive turnouts for Bandit Cross (70 racers, most ever), a men's and women's field at the track crit, and despite the rain 125 races for the main race. I'm proud to mention that the Thunderdome swept both the men's and ladies crits, and the top two spots for the men's in the alley cat.

Congrats to team rider Erin Young for winning the men's track crit and Tiana Johnson of Team Koochella for taking it for the ladies. Team Fulton swept the men's and women's Bandit Cross and shout outs to David Smith and Max Severson who went 1 / 2 in the alleycat on their Thunderdomes.

I'm already starting to scheme on next year's tenth anniversary race, so you better get your butt up to Minneapolis for it next August.

Here are some favorite photos from the day.














David Smith with a victory yell


It was a good day!

Koochella Midwest World Tour I

“Hey, stuff your bike in my car and ride some velodromes with me in Chicago.”

T-Bits was… compliant.  Why not.  She had most of the week off anyway.  My Special Guy was going to be wrenching for some bike races in Madison, so I needed something to do with myself. 

Plus… who doesn’t love Chicago?  Or velodromes?

We made a sweet flyer to warn our friends:


We were joined by our team’s Ambassador of Fun, Lilah "Frat Boy" Guertin, who journeyed seperately with the fine gentlemen of Shitgoose Racing.

First up on the Midwest World Tour: Washington Park Velodrome.  While not technically in Chicago, or Illinois, Kenosha falls within the Chicago Metro Area. 


It is also the natural habitat of Brennan, seen here with his exuberant cheering posse. 


While the women’s field was small (it consisted of the three of us and a single local rider... who was just the best), the place was packed with juniors.  That was pretty neat.


Koochella swept the podium… winning tens of dollars!


Ed Rudolph in Northbrook was next.  T-Bits and I had spent the whole day watching ghost-oriented television programming… so we arrived too late to take advantage of THE WATERPARK RIGHT NEXT TO THE VELODROME.  Ugggggn!

We were also awkwardly early enough so that we were essentially alone at the track for awhile.  So that was fun.


Our friends from Spidermonkey, Kelly and Kelsey, made signs to commemorate the occasion.


Here, T-Bits grapples with celebrity.


Here, she comes to grip with celebrity.


Northbrook is awesome because it has a split women’s field on the schedule.  Meaning I was doing my gosh darnedest to not embarrass myself in the extremely fast Women’s 1/2/3 field... which I didn't!  


... while T-Bits and Lilah held it down in the 4's.


Cuttin Crew was out, looking sharp.


Nikki "I Win All The Things" Munvez took to the track for the first time that night.  She'll be crushing us all, soon.


The enthusiastic stands.


It was the best night of track racing I've had so far.  So fun.


On July 4th, T-Bits and I celebrated America by taking to the velodrome at CVC.  This guy was spooky... and we had him allllll to ourselves.


And steep.  Did I mention steep?  Our track at NSC is 43 degrees.  This guy was 50 degrees.  Perfect for gratuitous track pictures.


After Northbrook, which has 18 degree banks, this felt like a wall.  Super fun.


The End.


Hennepin Bridge

Script Patch

CL0824 Hennepin Bridge Tee Women’s Large

CL0823 Hennepin Bridge Tee Women’s Medium

CL0822 Hennepin Bridge Tee Women’s Small

CL0820 Hennepin Bridge Tee Large

CL0821 Hennepin Bridge Tee X-Large

CL0819 Hennepin Bridge Tee Medium

CL0818 Hennepin Bridge Tee Small

CL8885 All-City patch

AB4704 Classic Bibs Small

Luke busted arm

I can’t Live Without My Radio

All City Championship Track Crit


Jello Shots

AC X Fulton riding through the woods

Macho Disc Black and White

Nature Boy Zona Gap

Space Horse Dirty

JYD: Run Through the Jungle

Our buddy Brendan Lauer worked with us to make this sweet little video of a day out on the streets of Minneapolis on the JYD, as part of his 50 videos / 50 weeks project. We think it captures the essence of the bike nicely.

The JYD: Run Through The Jungle from Brendan Lauer on Vimeo.

For those of you wanting to get your hands on one of the 150 limited edition framesets, you need to get on it. We've booked 97 of them and are sold out of size large. 

On that note, we expected the medium size to be the most popular but with the current trend in mtb, it seems like many folks are ordering the large so that they can run a 50 or 60mm stem. Obviously you can do what you want, but I've set up my personal size medium with an 80mm stem and it feels just perfect. And I love the overall shorter wheelbase.  So if you normally ride an All-City 55cm or so. I'd strongly consider getting a medium.


The Hub Cyclery

All City Championship 2013 Crit Video

allcity crit 2013 from christopherolafberg on Vimeo.

All City Championship 2014


Thursday July 10th – Bandit Cross Hobo Camp Bryn Mawr Meadows
7pm Free to all and open to all types of bikes, though we prefer singlespeeds if you’ve got one.
Aferparty at Fulton Brewing – 414 6th Ave N

Friday July 11th – Pre Reg & Track Bike Crit
Meet at One on One, 10pm Open to brakeless fixed gears only, all types of handlebars allowed.
From One on One we’ll ride to the race start. Separate Men’s and Women’s races.
Prize Categories: Men’s and Women’s 1st Place

Saturday July 12th All City Championship 2014 Alleycat
Meet at One on One at 4pm / Race at 5pm 117 Washington Ave N
Bring a lock and a map and get your sweet self to One on One at 4 with a race start of 5. Expect 25-30 miles all over this fair city of ours.

After party to follow at Premises 3449 N 2nd St, we’ve got plenty of Fulton Beer to drink and some badass D.J.’s. Please feel free to invite your friends to the afterparty, ten dollars to get in and drink all the beer you can before it runs out. Race fee covers entry to afterparty.

Manned race stops will be posted on the bikejerks blog the morning of the race.
Prize Categories:
1,2,3 Mens & Womens
1st Fixed Mens and Womens
1st Out of Town Mens and Womens

For more information, please head over to the Bike Jerks main site to view the race page Here is the Facebook page for the event if you’d like to get all the updates

ACCBandit Cross

Shop Visit: Monkey Wrench Cycles Lincoln, Nebraska

On my way out to Colorado, one of the must see's on my list was Monkey Wrench Cycles in Lincoln, Nebraska. For years we've been told tales of grandeur regarding this shop and their awesome collection of bikes and cycling ephemera. It did not disappoint.

Not only is Nate amongst the raddest dudes, but his vintage mtb collection is one of the best in the country.  Check it out.


If you're in the area, you definitely need to check it out.

Macho King is coming with Rival 22

Now that SRAM has lifted the embargo, we can stop saying "SRAM 11 Speed" and let you know that this sucker is coming with the good good. SRAM's newest 11 speed offering is going to absolutely slay!

*note, that's not actually SRAM Rival 22 in the photo, we don't have one built up with it yet

get stoked!

Fixing Our Playground:  NSC Velodrome Maintenance

Track track trackity track-track-track.


We have a grand old track.  It’s outdoor.  It’s gorgeous.  It's fast.  Blah blah blah.

There are two teensy quirks to it, though.

1) Splinters. Here’s Koochella prized sprinter and “Master Splinter” Margeaux (alias “Snakebite”) getting splinters picked out of her side by a medical professional after crashing earlier this season. 


2) The other “teensy quirk” of our track is: necessary constant maintenance.  Our track is getting up there in years so every once in awhile, a board decides that it’s had enough and starts to feel soft.  When that happens, we need to go in and drill it out, chisel out all of the pieces, and then replace it with another.

This effort is perpetual when the track isn't covered in snow… which is less of the year than you’d think or we’d wish.

This Saturday was the first in a few where it wasn’t down-pouring.  All-City Global Sales Manager and Resident Domestic Robot Aficionado, Adam, organized an effort.  NSC Velodrome Resident Good Citizens, Team Koochella, were out in force to put in hard time. 

How does this work?

Step one:  identify a bad board.  When you do track repair, you become sensitive to “improvement opportunities” all over the track while you ride.  Saturday's repair followed a practice session, so we were able to hunt down “soft” boards while we rode then hunt them down after.  Here, you see Margeaux (top) and Adam (lower right) working together to try to get a closer look at something seemingly problematic in turn four. 


Step two:  drill a bunch of holes in the identified bad board.


Step three:  chisel.  A bunch.  We do a lot of this.

June "Tiny Terror"


Altan "Turkish Tiger" and Fred "Can Never Seem To Find His Shirt" Mills


Tiana "T-Bits" (June in background)



Altan, Linsey "Linzilla" and Fred on scafolding at the steepest point in the track. Yep, sometimes we have to fix boards there too.


Step four:  build the support mechanism for the new board.  This happens on the underside of the track… I actually have no idea what goes on down there.  Steph is much more “competent” than I am… here she is doing whatever this step is.


Step five:  hammer in a new board that has been cut to size.


Step six:  attach new board to new board infrastructure.  Via magic.  Or powertools.  Again, this was Steph and Track Director, Bob.

After these steps, there is a solid new board. You can see them out there... they are much lighter in color than the original wood.


It’s a lot of hard work, but it needs to be done.  But, if you have the right crew, it's a pretty good time.

I have the best crew.


As Fred “Can Never Seem To Find His Shirt” Mills (see the pictures above), pointed out: this is our playground.  We play on it all summer.  We love it.  So it’s our responsibility to take care of it.

JYD Frame sheet

Sport Campus

Introducing the JYD

Well, you all knew this was coming if you've been paying attention to our Facebook, Instagram or Flickr. (If you didn't know it was coming and you want to know about such things, you should pay attention to our Facebook, Instagram and Flickr) This is the JYD...


The JYD was designed to be the ultimate grab and go around town crusher. The canti studs and single speed configuration allow it to be as durable and maintenance free as possible. Remember when you were a kid and had one bike and rode it everywhere? It's like that.

We imagine people raiding their parts bin and coming up with all kinds of configurations and setups to hang on it. Heck, weirdos are already plotting to put drop bars on it even as this is typed. Since receving the prototypes we've built aggressive thrashers like the one pictured, smooth tired cruisers, off road fixed gears, and trailer hauling beasts of burden with it.  

It's a canvas to do whatever the heck you want with.  And now some questions.

Q: What does JYD stand for?
A: JYD stands for Junkyard Dog, it speaks to this bike's origins as something of a mutt, we don't really know what to call it as it sort of crosses multiple categories. 

Q: I see you have BMX cranks on it, is it a big BMX bike?
A; No. It 's not intended for pegs or freestyle. The reason this build has BMX cranks is because Profile cranks are awesome, they allow the use of our now discontinued but super rad Def Star sprocket, and they are what was laying around in the parts bin. While it's not a dirt jumper, or BMX or whatever, it is really fun to rip through alleys, wheelie, throw around, and get all kinds of rad on.  


Q: But it's got gussets.
A: Yeah, this thing is built for getting into and out of shit. It's your new partner in crime and good times.

Q: So it's a mountain bike?
A: Sort of. It does have clearance for a large 29'er tire, but it is not suspension corrected, or in line with really any modern mtb standards. Of course that doesn't mean you can't ride it offroad, we do plenty, and it's awesome.  As a fixed off roader it's especially fun.

Q: What size tire?
A: Well it all depends on the rim choice of course, but we designed it to fit a Schwalbe Big Apple 29 X 2.35. It is pictured with a Michelin 29 X 2.25 (Michelin's tend to run large in our experience) and it pretty much completely fills out the frame. 

Q: What kind of bottom bracket does it have?
A: Standard English, and the rear is 135mm spaced.


Q: Five piece fork huh?
A: Yeah, we know it's trending at the moment, but we are not into unicrowns and this is such a great classic look. We grew up being infatuated with bikes like the Fat Chance Yo Eddy!, so of course we're going to follow our hearts on this one. It looks sick. There are no plans on selling the fork separate at this time, because we don't know what else it will really fit on (420 axle to crown).

Q: Are those fender mounts?
A: Yes they are, as we said, it's a platform to do most anything on, and makes a great winter bike.

Q: What's availability?
A: This September and we are only planning on doing 150 framesets this year. 

Q: What about next year?
A: We'll see, but we make no promises or guarantees, if this is your jam, you better act with the quickness.

Q: How much?
A: $550 for frame and fork

Q: How do I get one.
A: We are currently taking prebooks now, head to your local shop and have them reserve one for you.

For the full scoop, head over to the JYD's bike page.


All-City Coming to Omaha and Denver This Week.

Hi ya party people. Just wanted to let you know that we will be heading out on the road for a while to ride bikes and hang out with you. First stop is Thursday night in Omaha for a party with Greenstreet, followed by a Saturday event with Pearl Velo in Denver.

First up is a blow out with our homies at Greenstreet, come drink some beer (I'm told you should make sure to bring a bunch as the free beer, ain't gonna last long) and stare at the new Macho King, we'll be serving up some DJ sets and some Mania. Come get some. GreenStreet_Flyer

And then on Saturday night, our dearest friends at Pearl Velo will be taking us all (if you live in Denver, you got no excuse) on a nice scenic ride to drink bikes and knock back a few followed by a good old fashioned grill out. Be there or be square.

hope to see you all there.

Superb Bicycle

A Celebration of Beautiful Bob Williams

I’m still on a high from racing at Blaine last night.  Ominous clouds overhead and occasional rain drops served as a constant reminder that our races could be shut down at an instant.  It made for a dramatic mood… RIDE YOUR HEART OUT FOR THIS RACE MAY BE YOUR LAST!

Despite dark skies, our track’s resident Ray of Sunshine did not fail to brighten the evening.

Meet NSC Velodrome’s Track Director and Official Resident Ray of Sunshine: Bob “Beautiful Bob” Williams.  Here he is accepting an expertly crafted award from the women of May’s introductory track class.


See, the women’s field has exploded over the past year thanks to Bob’s support.  He’s given us clinics and has come out of retirement to personally instruct them.  He’s worked with us to establish track time for women’s specific track practice.  He drives the motor for us.  He’s been a huge advocate for us.  And last night, he gave us the first Women’s Cat 4 Only race on this track.  Huge.


Bob does this because, well, Bob loves bike racing.  Especially track bike racing.  And the track community loves Bob.  

These awesome pictures of Bob have been floating around.  I thought I would share them on the blog because the pictures are amazing and the man needs to be celebrated.

See, Bob was racing track before there was a track to race on.







Then he got his track when the Shakopee Velodrome opened in 1977.


And here is Bob crushing it on the Shakopee Velodrome...


Flashing his "Beautiful Bob" Smile.


Thanks Bob, for everything you do for us.  Our community would not be the gem that it is without you.

You're just the best.

Macho King and Nature Boy Disc Webpages are up

Yep, finally full details on our new cross models can be had by clicking over to the Bikes tab.  Go check out the deets for yourself.

Macho King
IMG_8842 IMG_8833

Macho King LTD

Nature Boy Disc

Watch This!!!  Beastmode

peep these wheelie / manual skillz


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All-City is currenlty seeking a qualified person to take over the Product Management side of our operation. If you think you have the skills and experience, head over to Careers tab and check out the posting.

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