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A Brief Review of Art Crank MPLS


A Brief Review of Art Crank MPLS

Above: Prince’s Big Adventure by Andy Lund - What more do I have to say about this? It’s Prince flying over the MPLS skyline on PeeWee’s bike. Dude. Sick.

I rolled to Art Crank poster show at Fulton Brewery last weekend and it was pretty rad. The forecast was threatening t-storms, so we threw some rain jackets in our backpacks and hit the road. This show is always a fun event to put on your bike/art social calendar, and this year’s art was especially tasty. I will share with you a few of my favorites.

Ridin’ High by Cory Loven


This is a bit gratuitous, but I love the illustration quality and color scheme.


Gadsden by Brent Schoepf


An homage to the classic icon, this is a super refined, badass representation.


Sol Cycle by Ellen Schoefield


This one just appeals to my cosmic connection with the universe…or something… Namaste.

Then we went to drink beer on a bridge and subsequently got caught in a giant tsunami. Word of advice: a downtown bus stop will give you refuge from the rain but it will also house some sketchy characters. Best to bust ass to the closest bar. Peace.




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