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SSCXWC Los Angeles

I know that I've fallen way behind on posting content from my Los Angeles trip, but I'm here to make it up to you a little bit. Here are some shots from the Single Speed World Championships Cross race.  Well, mostly the women's SSCXWC race since I was too busy getting lapped by the pros to take photos during the men's event.

it's customary to wear a costume at these things, this work suit was mine.  Apparently it made me sad.  Photo by John Watson


See this bottle opener?  As a sponsor of the race, All-City gave away a 49cm Nature Boy frameset to the lucky lady who dug around in the mud pit and recovered it.


Here is a photo by Super Domestique of John pushing me into the mud pit, for the record I totally didn't fall down, in order to place it clandestinely into the tub


These ladies are real fast and serious, they didn't stop to fish around for it



This lady did however


Not surprisingly, both the men's and women's races were won by professionals.  Adam Craig took the men's and Mical Dyck for the ladies.  The shot above was in the Martlett tattoo shop, where the winners got their championship ink.






Stoked to go to Philly for next year's event



December 20, 2012

Bummed I missed LA, would have loved to hang with all you freaks.

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