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Macho King and Nature Boy Disc Information *updated

Most of you are aware of the existence of the Macho King and Nature Boy Disc cross bikes that we launched last month at Frostbike. So far the reaction we've recieved has been amazing, even though until now we haven't really done a formal announcement on our site. So let's fix that.

First up is the Macho King
The Macho King is a natural extension of the Macho Man Disc and follows with our desire to keep making ever nicer stuff. The key additions to the formula are a Reynolds 853 tubeset, which we feel is pretty much the best steel the bike industry has ever produced, and a 44mm headtube which allows for the use of a modern carbon disc cross fork. 

Beyond that the details are similar to the Macho Man disc in terms of braze ons and features.

We are selling the Macho King as a frameset and in the standard and LTD. build packages.

Macho King LTD.
The Macho King LTD. is limited to only 50 complete bikes.  It features the blue/white paint scheme and a Whisky No 9, thru axle cross fork. The spec is SRAM Force 11 speed with hydraulic disc brakes and a Thomson cockpit.  The bike you see here weighs in at 20lbs 12oz. As we had to get ready for a tradeshow not all parts are to spec. The Macho King webpage will be up shortly with full spec, but in the meantime know that the saddle, brakes (to hyrdo), and hubs will change for actual production.

The price is $3500 MSRP and these are currently being booked quickly, if you think you'd like to own one don't wait. Let your shop know now.


Macho King 
Our standard build on the Macho King platform will feature SRAM's newest 11 speed group, which currently remains "that which shall not be named." Trust us, it's going to be sweet and way sexier than the 10 speed Rival you see in the above photo.  It notably also features, Stan's Rims, a Zipp cockpit, a Salsa Cowbell 2 bar, and a Fizik saddle. 

One of these babies will set you back $2700 for a badass 11 speed group and a very nice frameset.

Macho King Frameset
The frameset is available in the luxurious silver/silver fade with a Whisky No. 7 fork. We chose the No 7. for our frameset because we feel it provides a smoother ride for everyday use than it's mega stiff No 9. brother.

The price for a frameset is $1200 MSRP. 

why yes, that is our new seat collar!


Next we have the Nature Boy Disc
This is the bike that everyone and their sister knew was coming. I mean, why the heck wouldn't we?

It's everything you know and love about the Nature Boy but with disc brakes and our ultra trick new dropout system. I won't address why we think the dropouts are so cool here, instead I'll refer you to Anna's series on them here,  here, here, and here.

The price is $1250 MSRP.

*The frameset is $650 MSRP


Now the biggie: when the heck are you going to be able to purchase these things?  The answer is July, probably late July. 

We're working on the webpages with further spec and details now and should have them up shortly. In the meantime I hope this address' many of your questions about the product. We are super exctied to bring you the next generation of All-City cross bikes. We feel that this is some of the best work we've ever done and are proud to make them available to you for your riding and ripping pleasure.




March 21, 2014

Awesome! I would be really interested in seeing some photos of the Macho King Standard in natural lighting (so I know how the colors look IRL)



April 4, 2014

Any truth to the rumors that the macho king will be available in disc and/or cantis? Will make it this seasons race bike for sure if it had cantilever bosses.



June 1, 2014

Will the Nature Boy Disc come in the same awesome purple/white combo as the Nature Boy?  Is there a way to get all the purple, singlespeed, canti-ed, disked, awesomeness into one…awesome frame?



June 5, 2014

Any chance of getting the Macho King frameset with your SS dropouts instead of the vertical dropout/der. hanger? Is this something my LBS could special order? (This was going to be the year I bought a Nature Boy Zona frame… Sigh.)


Doug Q

August 25, 2014

Just ordered a Macho King from my LBS.  Super excited.  I think they said I’d get it by mid September.  The wait is going to be painful but worth it.

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