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Introducing the Pursuit Special Track Rings


Introducing the Pursuit Special Track Rings

Anna has been on us for years about how we don't  have "real" track rings. What she meant by this was not that our 144bcd 612 Track Rings were intangible, false or fiction, but that we didn't offer them in the larger sizes that velodrome racing requires.

To remedy this situation, rather than just produce larger sizes of our existing rings, we did the totally reasonable and financially sound thing and turned her loose to design the ring of her dreams .

These are those, we call them the Pursuit Special in honor of Mad Max's car.  (and in keeping with the Thunderdome theme)


The above is one of the larger sizes (49-52), it's solid shape lends rigidity and strength, while on the back....


the reliefs remove material where it is not needed.  (dig the tool marks, we love a raw cnc'd look)

On the smaller sizes (46-48), the rings are small enough that we can safely remove material for lighter weight while still providing all the stiffness giant track thighs require.


In addition the proprietary tooth profile runs incredibly quiet, and the 7000 series alloy is top freaking notch.

These Made in the USA  beauties are available now, for the price of $79.99.

Go check out the webapge to find a dealer near you.


And here are some bonus photos:




October 3, 2014

These look great! Will you eventually offer them in black?

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