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Golden Saddle Cyclery

On Thursday night of my LA trip All-City helped put on a little grill out at Golden Saddle Cyclery. 

Kyle's a bro andI have been really wanting to check out his new store since all of the photos that I've seen of it have been so spectacular.  The real thing didn't dissappoint as they have tons of rad shit for bike geeks to eyeball. 

Check out some photos from the event and the shop.


the main room of the shop, with the amazing Crit 75 pinball machine



The mechanic area with an in process Big Block

NOS Somec, no big deal

The Thunderdome!









National track champ of the universe, Woody.

If you're in Los Angeles and  you like bike shops, you need to check out GSC, the place is dialed.



April 9, 2012

When will we see some more in-depth coverage on the Thunderdome/when will it be available! What I see in the QBP catalog and the few photos I’ve found look great!!!

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