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The Perennial Bibs Are Pretty Terrific!

The Perennial Bibs Are Pretty Terrific!


The Perennial Bibs Are Pretty Terrific!

​Friends, we love you and sometimes there’s things that we really want you to know about. This is one of those times, and the topic are the Perennial Bibs.


They are without a doubt the most comfortable bibs that have yet come out under the All-City name, the chamois is dope, they’ve gotten huge thumbs up from folks wearing either the women’s or men’s cuts, and like your winning smile, they go with everything. If you’re looking for a foundational bib for your cycling wardrobe, these cute little suckers for only $130 could be the ticket.

They channel the timeless look of the ‘70’s, but utilize best modern fabrics and the supremely comfortable CyTech Chamois.

Available now at your local AC dealer. You seriously need to try them!


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